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5 g and accelerate new energy automobile era, will ignite the fire of lithium battery

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-18
Accelerated 5 g era, means that operators will to upgrade the national communication base station, form a complete set of lithium battery in the base station system has been in recent years, the trend of The Times. Combined with the popularization of new energy vehicles at home and abroad and promotion, two energy storage market will once again lit the fire of the lithium battery tesla Q3 97000, new car delivery record the delivery, including electric Model 3 delivered 79600 cars. Volvo, accelerate the comprehensive electric target in 2025 to sell all models of pure electric vehicles and hybrid cars each half. Hebei 1 - Promotion of new energy vehicles in August 30469, has been finished ahead of the annual aim. So far, in hebei province accumulated over 120000 cars in promotion of new energy. Comsenz shares announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of a guest recently received the chengdu new energy automobile plant municipal subsidies to 3356. 810000 yuan. Zhengzhou city on October 1, the new network about car and update cruise taxi stop using fuel oil, gas and other vehicles, pure electric vehicles must be used. Jester testing equipment company is a company specializing in the production of battery safety testing equipment manufacturer, from 12 years, professional technology and mature technology and efficient and timely after-sales service, won the praise of the tens of millions of customers for the company, has a good reputation in the market. Jester testing company has strong r&d strength and technical support, research and development department for the expert has a strong research and development ability of research and development team, technical personnel are machinery and mechanical and electrical integration professional graduate, bachelor or above degree in electronic engineering, company has the licence for manufacturing measuring instruments, has won many national brick and national scientific research project award. The company is testing equipment in the industry's first. < p font- 尺寸:17 px; 文本- - - - - - 对齐:证明; 背景: color:#ffffff; ' = ' ' 风格= ' 溢出, 包装:打破- 词; 保证金, top: 5px; 保证金, 底部:5 px; font- 家庭:& ”; 无衬线 ”; , tahoma, verdana, helvetica; color: rgb( 51, 51, 51) ; '>
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