22 years focused on physical lab testing machines and provide total testing solution according customer requirement.

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Product Video

The video mainly introduces the operation method of the machine.


Our main products include:

1. Textile Testing Equipment

Included: Abrasion, Pilling, Tensile , Fastness ,Tearing ,Bursting and Flammability Tester.


2. Footwear Testing Equipment

Included: Rubber Tester, Leather Tester, Sole Tester, Shoelace Tester, Insole Tester, Shoe Tester etc.


3. Paper & Packaging Testing Equipment

Included: Box Compression Tester, Bursting Strength Tester, Tearing Strength Tester, Crush Tester etc.


4. Universal Testing Machines

Included: Temperature & Humidity Chamber, Salt Spray Tester and Tensile Strength Testing Machine etc.


5. Protective and Mask Testing Machine

Included: Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester, BFE tester, Mask Breathing resistance tester, PFE Tester etc.


6.Biochemistry lab equipments

Included:CO2 Incubator, Heating Incubator, Cooling Incubator, Drying Oven, Vacuum Oven, biological cabinet, Clean Bench, Atomizing Disinfection Robot.


We have been adopting the world standards and regulations such as ISO, ASTM, DIN, EN, GB, BS, JIS, ANSI, UL,TAPPI, AATCC, IEC, VDE, and CSA. To ensure the accuracy and authority of testing results, all the products must been calibrated by professionals from the central laboratory ex-factory.

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