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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the development of furniture tester in my country

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-03
In recent years, my country's research and development of furniture testing-equipment' target='_blank'>testers has increased both in terms of policy and financial support. Since 2011, it has achieved many results and continues to provide impetus to the development of society and technology. The development projects of National Instruments are mainly oriented towards the development of instruments with high integration, large investment and market promotion prospects. These equipment are more in line with the requirements of market-oriented, application and industrialization.   The country's special development of furniture testers can greatly promote the independent innovation ability and self-equipment level of my country's equipment and equipment, and support scientific and technological innovation, and serve economic and social development. With the continuous and in-depth development of this special project, more and more projects are in the process of application and preparation, involving multiple high-tech fields, and more and more projects have achieved breakthrough progress and fruitful results.   For a long time, there has been a big gap between our country and the international advanced level in the field of large and high-end scientific instruments and equipment. These instruments are heavily dependent on imports, which not only burdens my country's trade development, but also severely restricts the development of scientific and technological innovation, and restricts the improvement of my country's independent innovation capabilities and the process of localization of major equipment. The establishment of this special development project is to solve the above-mentioned problems and promote the development of scientific and technological innovation in China.   There are two sides to everything, and it needs to be viewed with a dialectical mentality. At present, my country's scientific and technological evaluation system is not highly recognized for scientific papers and citation rates and awards, and the atmosphere for instrument research and development is not strong enough. Some unfavorable trends in the research and development of furniture testers have caused some researchers to be eager for quick success and unable to concentrate on research.  The increase in the state's investment in scientific research has made some researchers more inclined to purchase expensive scientific research instruments instead of actively developing large-scale instruments independently. In addition, in the field of scientific instrument and equipment research and development, the combination of production, education and research is relatively low, and an effective mechanism for cooperative innovation of production, education and research has not been formed, which hinders the development of my country in the field of furniture testers.
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