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Analysis on the detection method of static electricity performance of anti-static work clothes

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-27
Analysis of the detection method of electrostatic performance of anti-static work clothes: Anti-static work clothes are widely used in industries that require high static electricity. Static electricity generally does not cause great harm to the human body, but static electricity is more harmful to precision industries. The research of anti-static clothing affects the safety of this type of industry. This article will focus on how textile companies use anti-static testers to detect and test anti-static clothing. Operation instructions 1. Test preparation The test is required to be carried out in an atmosphere with a relative humidity of 30% to 40% and a temperature of 20±2°C. After pre-drying the sample at a temperature of 50°C for 30 minutes, adjust the humidity balance under the test atmosphere 5 hours. Plug in the power socket, turn on the power switch of the host, and turn the high-voltage adjustment knob to make the high-voltage display display 10KV. Turn on the power switch of the control box and press the 'Clear' button to make the attenuation voltage on the display meter of the electrostatic meter display zero. The preset pressurization time is 30 seconds on the 'pressurization time' timer. 2. The anti-static clothing testing instrument is suitable for measuring the electrostatic properties of various types of fabrics such as fibers and yarns or various plate-shaped products. The main body of the instrument is composed of a corona discharge device and a probe detector. Use a given high-voltage electric field to discharge the fabric for a fixed time to induce static electricity on the fabric, so as to detect the amount of static electricity, the half-life of static voltage attenuation, and the amount of static electricity remaining to show the static charge performance of the tested fabric. 3. Anti-static work clothes tester, roller friction machine, friction charge tester 4. Anti-static work clothes tester is used to evaluate the electrostatic characteristics of fabrics charged in the form of friction under laboratory conditions. Anti-static work clothes testing equipment is a necessary instrument for 'Special Labor Protection Equipment Safety Certification' (LA Certification) and 'Special Labor Protection Equipment Production License' 5. Anti-static work clothes testing equipment (Faraday tube method) Anti-static work clothes testing equipment In the laboratory conditions, the electrostatic characteristics of the fabrics after being charged in the form of friction were evaluated. This instrument is a necessary instrument for 'Special Labor Protection Equipment Safety Certification' (LA Certification) and 'Special Labor Protection Equipment Production License'. The anti-static work clothes testing equipment currently supplied has provided inspection services for hundreds of domestic special protective clothing companies such as Shanghai Garment Group, Shida Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shantou Aoshan Clothing, Jiangsu Hubao Group, etc.; and Sinosteel Wuhan Environmental Protection Research Institute Co., Ltd., Taizhou Fiber Inspection Institute, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Work Safety Research Institute and dozens of testing institutions cooperated to assist them in completing their qualification review. With the increase in sales and more professional Ru0026D and production, anti-static work clothes testing equipment not only has reliable data and stable quality, but also has become the most cost-effective personal protection testing equipment in China. More about anti-static tester: http://www.kangjingdianshebei.com/productlist/list-5-1.html
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