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Announcement of Tender for Teaching Equipment of No. 100 Middle School of Education Bureau of Dongli District, Tianjin

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-12
http://www.standard-groups.com/) Reprinted in China International Bidding Network Information: Tianjin Dongli District Education Bureau 100th Middle School Teaching Equipment Tender Announcement 1. Project name and number 1. Project name: Tianjin East Li District Education Bureau 100th Middle School Teaching Equipment Purchase and Installation Project 2. Project number: DLGPC-2014-66 2. Project content 1. Purchasing budget: 1158089.8 yuan 2. Main subjects: physics, chemistry, biology, geography, music, art , Health, history, sports, general technical teaching equipment 3. Brief technical requirements: see Annex 4 for details. Whether to accept imported products: No. 5. When bidding, the bidder must provide a detailed list of the product configuration that is consistent with the relevant content in the bidding documents. The list will be publicized on the Internet after the bidder is confirmed as the bid-winning supplier and used as the basis for acceptance. The content of the list should include the name, specification, quantity, unit price, detailed configuration and technical standards, and should be consistent with the content of the product manual provided to the purchaser at the time of delivery. 3. Qualification requirements for suppliers: bidders must be suppliers who have legal business qualifications, meet the requirements of Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China, and meet the requirements of the bidding documents. The specific requirements are as follows (the following qualifications must be within the validity period): 1. The original copy of the business license; 2. The original copy of the organization code certificate; 3. The original copy of the tax registration certificate; 4. The original legal representative qualification certificate and the identity of the legal representative The copy of the certificate is stamped with the official seal; 5. The valid power of attorney for the entrusted person participating in the bidding of this project and the original ID card of the entrusted person stamped by the legal representative; 6. The following samples must be provided by the manufacturer and the bidder within the validity period The original contracted agency agreement within. If there is no contracted agency agreement, the original authorization letter for this project must be provided: Table 1 Physics teaching instrument rail car (No. 62), Table 2 Chemistry teaching instrument high school student power supply (No. 25), Table 10 General Technical teaching instrument traffic light control system model (serial number 31), water tower water level automatic control model (serial number 34), mechanical transmission model (serial number 35), common control method recognition and application kit (serial number 54), simple robot production kit (serial number 60) ), woodworking combination machine tool (No. 113); 7. For table 2 high school chemistry teaching equipment (magnetic heating stirrer (No. 8), high school student power supply (No. 25), tray balance (No. 27)), table 3 High school biology teaching Instruments (Binocular Stereo Microscope (No. 87), Biological Microscope (No. 97)) and Table 4 High School Geography Teaching Instruments (Geological Compass (No. 13)) must provide the original test report above the provincial level; 8. For Table 7 High School Health All product suppliers of equipment must provide the original medical equipment business license; 9. Consortium bids are not accepted. 4. The time, place, method of obtaining the bidding documents and the price of the bidding documents 1. The time of obtaining the bidding documents: October 22, 2014 to October 28, 2014, 9:00-11:30, 14:00 every day -15:30 (except statutory holidays). 2. Place for obtaining the bidding documents: Room 311, Government Procurement Center, Dongli District, Tianjin (No. 13, Xianfeng Road, Dongli District). 3. The method of obtaining the bidding documents: the bidding documents are sold in paper version. Bring with you when purchasing the bidding documents: ⑴ Bid deposit: 10,000 yuan (transfer check or wire transfer). ⑵ Bring the original 'Notification Letter of the Result of Inquiry of Criminal Bribery Files by the Procuratorate' issued after October 22, 2014, and purchase it on the spot. 4. The price of the bidding documents: the price of the bidding documents is 200 yuan per copy. Once the bidding documents are sold, they will not be refunded. (Telephone for purchasing bidding documents: 022-84375906 Ms. Feng) Note: If the registered supplier withdraws from the bidding for any reason, it must notify the purchasing center in writing (contact number: 022-84375906 Ms. Feng) two working days before the opening of the bid. The bid bond will be refunded one year later. V. Time and place of the Qu0026A meeting 1. Sign-in time: 3:00 pm, October 29, 2014. 2. Qu0026A place: Conference room on the fourth floor of the Government Procurement Center of Dongli District, Tianjin. 6. Time and place of bidding, time and place of bid opening 1. Time for submission of bid documents: 9:00 am on November 11, 2014. 2. Place for submission of bid documents: Conference Room on the fourth floor of the Government Procurement Center of Dongli District, Tianjin. 3
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