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Application of Smart Fabric Textiles

Application of Smart Fabric Textiles


Introduction of Smart Fabric

What is exactly Smart Fabric Textiles? Short answer is: It covers high-quality and high-performance fiber manufacturing, high-end textile smart manufacturing, and the fashion industry represented by clothing and apparel brands. Product applications also extend from the field of life clothing to medical and health, ecology and environmental protection, military and aerospace fields.

Many countries have also introduced development strategies in the textile field, refocusing the national economic development on the textile field. It can be seen that the development prospects of smart fabric textile testing equipment are unlimited, and smart fabric textiles will become the key development direction and important economic growth point of the textile and apparel industry in the future.

The main types of smart fabric textiles and their applications

Application of smart color-changing fabric textiles

Smart color-changing fabric textiles have better wearability and can be used in civilian, military, and high-risk industries. In the military field, it can be used for military camouflage, such as controllable color-changing camouflage clothing; in the medical field, it can be used for medical monitoring, such as baby clothing, to monitor whether the baby has a fever through clothing color changes; special occupational safety protection, such as long-term exposure to chemicals In the environment of hazards or strong radiation, the color of clothes will change; the digital field, such as electrochromic clothing, can realize the function of a TV screen on the clothing; the fashion field, such as photochromic umbrellas, photochromic T-shirts, etc.

Application of intelligent temperature control fabric textiles

Intelligent temperature control Fabric Testing Machine can be used for civilian clothing, such as cooling vests, sportswear, ski suits, etc.,professional clothing, such as space suits, fire suits, diving suits, etc.; for medical purposes, constant temperature bandages can be made to protect wounds. To prevent local temperature from being too high or too low; In automobile manufacturing, it can be used for seats and roofs inside cars.

Application of shape memory fabric textiles

Shape memory fabric textiles are mainly used in non-iron, impact resistance and other functional fields and aesthetic fields, such as anti-scald clothing. When the clothing is exposed to high temperatures, the fiber changes from a flat surface to a pagoda shape to achieve the effect of protecting the human body; shape memory hydrogels fabric textiles are mostly used in uniforms for marine workers; Check figure 3 for shape memory garments; shape memory fibers are also mostly used in pillows and mattress padding.

Application of waterproof and breathable fabric textiles

Waterproof and moisture-permeable fabric textiles can be used for military clothing, such as pilot uniforms, naval suits, etc.; special work uniforms, such as firefighting uniforms, police uniforms, surgical uniforms, polar protective clothing, etc.; can also be used for ski suits, mountaineering suits, sportswear, etc. Sports shoes, tents, etc.; Diary and Azekura fabrics developed by Mitsubishi, Japan can be used as sportswear and baby diapers, etc., which can control the moisture permeability of the fabric through body temperature.

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