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Congratulations and energy storage test successful cooperation

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-21
Recently, the jester company cooperation agreement reached with energy storage detection energy storage testing many successful order our battery safety performance test equipment. This is not a simple cooperation, energy storage test to cooperate with our company for many years, many times to buy our company during the period of testing equipment, has reached is close and friendly cooperative partnership. Jester company thank you very much energy storage testing for many years the trust and support to our company. Guangdong energy storage testing technology co. , LTD. Is a focus on in the battery product certification testing services of a third party company, belongs to the magnetic inspection group, a subsidiary of Ann. Energy storage tests ( ESTL) For many batteries provide global certification, safety, emc, energy efficiency, reliability test, such as one-stop service. Energy storage test to help battery manufacturers to apply for and obtain national certification, familiar with international UN38. 3 certification, the international CB certification, American UL certification, the United States ETL certification, China, South Korea KC certification, CQC certification Germany TÜ V US certification and other international certification requirements, product for the customer the security, reliability, and the environmental protection and cost control to provide high quality quick service, is worth customer trust third-party batteries testing certification service provider. Energy storage testing the purchase several machines battery safety performance test, such as vertical dynamic extrusion needle machine, WenKongXing battery short circuit tester, battery thermal shock test chamber, battery simulated altitude low pressure test chamber, washing machine, etc. Professional mature technology and perfect service make the development of the company, jester is a such company. Jester corporation has a complete production system and mature production technology, the acquisition of many sets of advanced production equipment, skilled talents, forming a perfect technical and after-sales service team. From production to sales and after-sales, well-equipped related service personnel, based on customer point of view, want to customers think, pay close attention to market dynamics, in response to market demand. Jester company battery safety testing equipment market share, customer evaluation is high, good reputation, products are exported to overseas markets at the same time. https://www. gesterinstruments。 Com/tags: & nbsp  battery safety performance testing equipment & NBSP jester battery testing equipment & NBSP battery testing equipment manufacturers
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