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Congratulations to cooperate with fujian scud again

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-19
Jester with scud ( Fujian) Fujian scud electronics co. , LTD. Cooperation for many years, during the company order from our many environmental testing equipment and battery safety testing equipment. Company products are recognised by the height of the scud company. Recently, fujian scud company again from jester buys more than one cell battery safety testing equipment such as extrusion machine. Thanks to fujian scud company over the years the trust and support to our company, our company will continue to do a good job of service. Believe everybody of scud company have certain cognitive, most scud products should be used. Scud group was founded in 1997, at the end of 2006 successfully listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Is a brand marketing, research and development technology and large scale network, provide the comprehensive battery solution for mobile digital products such as large enterprises. The group contains scud ( Fujian) Electronic co. , LTD and scud battery co. , LTD. , and so on more than a dozen companies, engaged in mobile phone battery, mobile power supply, power battery, etc. Scud to brand strategy management, make full use of their existing brand advantage in the field of mobile phone battery and channel resources, formed to cell phone battery, mobile power supply, power lithium ion battery is neck and neck. Jester corporation for supply of fujian scud battery extrusion machine, mainly used for the safety and reliability of the simulated battery by extrusion deformation after test, battery extrusion can be obtained, battery voltage, the highest surface temperature and deformation of the battery, battery pressure video data. Configure the computer, acquisition of high precision. The machine has the high testing precision, such as explosion-proof pressure ability good functional features. Widely used in large battery manufacturers, the production workshop, research institutions, universities and government quality inspection department. Jester company produces a full set of battery safety testing equipment, such as battery needle-punching machine, burning machine, batteries, battery short circuit testing machine weight impact tester, battery dropping machine, washing machine, etc. , product variety is complete, diverse specifications, to meet customer demand for battery safety performance of different detection. Jester battery testing equipment company has a good reputation in the market, using super m customers, skilled technology and perfect service win the high recognition and trust of customers. Welcome your consultation to choose the desired product. This article from the jester testing equipment company, reprint please indicate the url: https://www. gesterinstruments。 Com/tags: & nbsp  battery extrusion machine & NBSP battery testing equipment manufacturer & NBSP extrusion machine
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