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Electronic tension tester how to connect to the computer?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-02
Electronic tensile testing-equipment' target='_blank'>testing machine is also called universal material testing machine, used for a variety of materials, semi-finished products and finished products of tensile test will be very much. Is in addition to the tensile test, also can do many other test, such as peel, tear, bending, bending, compression, shear force and viscous force test. Widely used in metal, plastic, rubber, textiles, synthetic chemicals, wire and cable, leather and other industries. Electronic tensile testing machine at the same time also is a measuring instrument, which requires and computer remote control software that can work together, many customers are buying after return will not connect the computer program, or the connection fails, so equipment installation program is extremely important! In general electronic tensile testing machine connected to the computer program can be divided into the following steps: 1, the first installation of the software you want to make sure the computer is Windows 7 or is doing system, open the computer after from usb drive will need to install the program is copied to the computer desktop. 2, in order to avoid the software attacked by the virus, we'd better to squeeze the software on the usb drive, the software is not affected by external. When install the software, therefore, we must first to extract the application package. 3, and then double-click to open after after decompression. Exe file, it will pop up a dialog box, which has detailed instructions, make your choice. At the time of installation, we only need to click next. Despite the very simple, but it is very important! Installation is very simple, but need to pay attention to many details in the installation of online. 1, before installation to plug the cables of tensile testing machine to the host of a computer, make sure wiring; 2, open the software, to Settings interface options online. If online is not successful, need to check the following several aspects: ( 1) Testing machine with a computer connection mouth is correct. ( 2) Cable is damaged or is poor contact, if there is a new cable damage should be replaced. If neither of the above two cases, the problem could be out on the computer motherboard. Are, of course, if you buy our jester electronic tensile machine, that you don't need to worry about the installation, we will immediately after you receive equipment arrangement is familiar with the equipment technical engineers to the scene to help security debugging, and free training you how to operate. Jester testing equipment company produces many tensile testing machine, such as double column tensile machine, single column machine, desktop tensile machine, microcomputer, economical tensile machine, with different jig, can do 90 & deg; Or 180 & deg; The test. Are all made of lead screw transmission, high measurement precision, high test repeatability. Tags: & nbsp  electronic tensile machine & NBSP universal material testing machine & NBSP jester tensile machine manufacturer & NBSP machine manufacturers
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