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Ethylene Oxide, Epichlorohydrin Residue Detector GT-RA7890

Ethylene Oxide, Epichlorohydrin Residue Detector GT-RA7890
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①According to the provisions of GB15980,YY 0469, GB/T32610, GB 2626, GB 19083 the residual amount of ethylene oxide in disposable syringes, surgical gauze and other medical supplies should be no more than 10ug/g, which is considered as qualified. The gas chromatograph is specially designed for the detection of residual amount of ethylene oxide and epichlorohydrin in medical instruments.

② The gas chromatograph using microcomputer control system and large Chinese screen display, the appearance is more beautiful and smooth.The newly designed keyboard keys are simple and fast, the circuits are all imported components, the performance of the instrument is stable and reliable.




  1. I. High circuit integration, high precision, multi-function.

    1) All microcomputer button operation, 5.7-inch (320*240) large screen LCD display in English and Chinese, English and Chinese display can be freely switched to meet the operation requirements of different people, man-machine dialogue, easy to operate.

    2). The microcomputer control hydrogen flame detector realizes the automatic ignition function, which is more intelligent.New integrated digital electronic circuit, high control precision, stable and reliable performance, up to 0.01℃ temperature control precision3).Gas protection function, protect chromatographic column and thermal conductivity pool, electron capture detector.


    It has the function of power-on self-diagnosis, which enables the user to quickly know the cause and location of instrument failure, the function of stopwatch (convenient for flow measurement), the function of power failure storage and protection, the function of anti-power mutation and interference, the function of network data communication and remote control. Over - temperature protection function guarantee. The instrument is not damaged, with data memory system, no need to reset every time.


    II. The injection system is uniquely designed to lower the detection limit.

    1. Unique injector design to solve injection discrimination;The double column compensation function not only solves the base line drift caused by the program temperature rise, but also subtracts the influence of the background noise, can obtain the lower detection limit.

    2. Packed column, capillary split/non-split injection system (with diaphragm cleaning function)

    3. Optional: automatic/manual gas six-way sampler, headspace sampler, thermo-analytical sampler, methane reformer, automatic sampler.

    III.Program heating, precise control of furnace temperature, stable and fast.

    1. The eight-order linear program temperature rise, the rear door adopts the photoelectric switch contactless design, reliable and durable, intelligent rear door system stepless variable air flow in and out, shorten the program after the temperature rise/drop the stable balance time of each detector system, the real realization of near-room temperature operation, temperature control precision up to ±0.01℃, meet the wide range of analysis requirements.

    2. The large volume of the column box, the intelligent rear door system stepless variable inlet and outlet air volume, shorten the time for the stability and equilibrium of each detector system after the program is promoted/cooled; Heating furnace system: ambient temperature +5℃ ~ 420℃

    3. Better adiabatic effect: when the column box, vaporization and detection are all 300 degrees, the outer box and the top cover are less than 40 degrees, which can improve the experimental rate and guarantee the safety of users.

    4. Unique vaporization chamber design, dead volume is smaller; Accessories replacement: injection pad, liner, polarizing pole, collecting pole, nozzle can be replaced with one hand;

    Main body replacement: the filling column, capillary injector and detector can be completely disassembled with only a wrench, which is very convenient for maintenance.

    High sensitivity, high stability detector, to meet the needs of different schemes Hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID), thermal conductivity cell detector (TCD), electron capture detector (ECD), Flame photometric detector (FPD), nitrogen and phosphorus detector (NPD) Various detectors can be independently controlled temperature, hydrogen flame detector easy to disassemble and install, easy to clean or replace the nozzle.







Product Parameters

Technical Parameters



Various injectors are available

Packed column injector, split/split capillary injector

Column oven

Temperature range

Room temperature+5~420℃


Temperature setting

1℃; The program sets the heating rate to 0.1 degree

Maximum heating rate

40℃/ min

Temperature stability

When the ambient temperature changes1℃, 0.01℃.

Temperature Programming

8Order program temperature can be adjusted


Detector index

Flame ionization detector (FID)


Manipulation of the temperature



≤5×10-12g/s (Hexadecane)  





Dynamic linear range




Mainframe weight


Input power

AC220V 50HZ Max Power: 2500w


GB15980,YY 0469, GB/T32610, GB 2626, GB 19083

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