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Fabric Tearing Strength Test (Focus on Elmendorf Tearing Strength Tester)

Fabric Tearing Strength Test (Focus on Elmendorf Tearing Strength Tester)


Tearing strength is defined as the force required to start or to continue to tear a fabric, in either weft or warp direction, under specified conditions.

A fabric tears when it is snagged by a sharp object and the immediate small puncture is converted into a long rip by what may be a very small extra effort. It is the most common type of strength failure of fabrics in end use. For garment items, such as outdoor clothing, overalls and uniforms, the tearing strength is a very important quantity. 

Energy loss=tearing force*distance.

The overall goal of a tear test is to determine a materials ability to resist the growth of the initial tear or its “tear resistance”. The tear strength is the resistance of fabric against tearing. The tear strength is vital for the textiles, bulletproof jackets, worker jeans, tents, apparel, sacks, and industrial applications. If the tear strength is high, means punctures in the fabrics do not propagate easily. The tear strength is vital in the industrial textiles as heavy duty work is performed.

A tear test is generally only performed upon flexible materials as they are more susceptible to accidental fractures and punctures as well as partial ruptures (tears and holes). The more common materials that benefit from tear testing are textiles, fabrics, elastomers, rubbers, polymers, packaging and paper products. Each of these materials can have serve in a wide range of industries such as clothing, medical, biomedical, and dental.

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In most standards related to this type of test the thickness of the sample is also factored in. The result is expressed as force/thickness. Many types of material can be tear tested on a universal test machine but the most common are fabrics, films, rubber, and woven composite materials. Precision speed control, accurate loadcells, and proper sample preparation are critical to obtaining accurate and repeatable results.

Here we focus on the Elmendorf Tearing Strength Tester

This Digital Fabric Elmendorf Tearing Strength Testeris designed for tearing resistance of textile, non-woven fabric, paper, paper board, thin film, ventilation tape, metal sheet material and etc.


1. Advanced calculation methods make sure precision test & good repetition.

2. Microcomputer system, can do auto test, calculate, analysis result, print test report, upload the test data.

3. Humanity operation system, Chinese and English operation interface with easy & convenience methods.

4. Can look up all the datum & statistical result in mainframe freely.

5. Test unit can convention between N, gf, cN and lbs, suitable for different standards requirements automatically.

6. Pneumatic sample grips and pendulum bob released to make sure equal clamping force.

7. Cut sample automatically, making sure same shape of notch, reducing operation strength.

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