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Increase knowledge! Batteries mass ejection test equipment structure is introduced

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-03
Cell mass ejection test equipment and battery burning jet machine, apply to lithium batteries, Or battery pack) Flame resistance test. Meet GB31241 - 2014 'portable electronic products with lithium ion batteries and battery pack and safety requirements, UL 1642' standard of lithium batteries ( Security) ', UL 2054 'safety standards ( Lithium battery) Test standard. Jester cell mass ejection test equipment since listing, after ten years of technical improvement and designs, advantage of conventional equipment has the following structure: jester battery mass ejection test equipment structure advantages: 1, the test case 1. 1, the test space integration in explosion protection box, box inside SUS30 # 4 stainless steel 1. 2, body outer is made of cold rolled steel plate and the outer coating corrosion resistance of the lacquer that bake, 2, explosion-proof window is located in the front, the door is not less than 300 * 300 mm, the structure design for double explosion-proof toughened glass, in protection at the same time, the observable internal testing. ( Explosion-proof window) 3, equipment, the door is 3. 1, a single double door, motor drive, precision ball screw electric hoist has a diameter of not less than 30 mm around each guide chrome plated rod; Advantage is this structure can effectively avoid when the door is open the test manually, battery suddenly exploded and damage the tester to happen; 3. 2, locks, automatic induction door locks, the door automatically closed when test. Test completely can choose the door is opened automatically or manually after the door is opened; 3. 3, the door is equipped with a safety induction power switch, when the door is open, power equipment control section can't start, not for subsequent operations, only after the cabinet door closed, before starting control program for subsequent operations, play a protective role in the true sense; 3. 4, between the door and door frame adopts high performance sealing materials and special rubber seal structure, good sealing, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, which can effectively avoid smoky phenomenon appear when burst into flames; 3. 5, the door is equipped with stainless steel hinge explosion-proof, prevent the analyte due to the test in the process of explosion and make the door pop up, which can effectively protect the safety of the tester. ( Stainless steel explosion-proof hinge) 4, exhaust air exhaust system 4. 1, equipment with the rear exhaust port, a diameter of 110 mm, can external exhaust pipe to the outside; 4. 2, box at the back of the containing force high-temperature exhaust fan, exhaust fan with a diameter of 120 mm exhaust guide, through high-temperature exhaust pipe external to the laboratory exhaust fan, when the test samples of fire smoke, can through the pipe to smoke; ( Smoke) 5, discharge pressure discharge function 5. 1, equipment cabinet equipped with explosion-proof pressure back door, the size is 300 mm * 300 mm, using magnetic suction method. 5. 2, when the pressure in the cabinet due to abnormal working state in the explosion, or short circuit battery explosion structure, causing the stress in the oven, pressure relief automatically be rushed to open the mouth, relieve the destructive pressure and reduce the impact to the door is in the oven, to achieve effective pressure explosion venting function. 5. 3, pressure relief device with automatic reset function, easy open easy to close, sealing good cohesion. After the pressure relief quickly reset, without human intervention, the operation is simple and convenient. ( Explosion-proof pressure) 6, ignition way via the remote control can be controlled at the ignition 7, universal casters protection at the bottom of the silo equipped with universal casters, convenient transportation and location. : (as shown Universal casters) 8, 8 lighting design. 1, test box top is equipped with a high brightness LED explosion-proof lights, can light up the whole test chamber, convenient to observe internal testing. 8. 2, be dustproof, explosion, fire prevention, waterproof, shield using standard parts, and using standard removable type fasteners to connect with the test enclosure, easy to remove and replace. ( Explosion-proof lighting) September 9, software control system. 1, main body and control box, the separation can be remotely, the operation staff away from test area, remote distance of 20 meters, the maximum to protect the safety of test personnel 9. 2, PLC touch screen man-machine interface control 9. 3 the Taiwan imported programmable controller, PLC, with the use of flexible, generality is strong; High reliability, strong anti-interference ability; Interface is simple and convenient maintenance; Small size, low consumption, high cost performance; Programming is simple, easy to grasp and characteristic such as design, construction, commissioning period is short. 4, the display mode: color touch screen, Taiwan imported touch-screen 9. 5, input and output mode: touch input. 6, software upgrades, support of equipment software provides a free upgrade service for life. 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