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Interpretation of the battery weight impact extrusion needle machine structure and USES

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-11
Jester battery weight impact extrusion needle machine new upgrades, this device is customized according to customer's demand and production, on the structure and function more comprehensive, a machine can convert use other functions, such as: & other; Now what are you doing in test piece weight impact test, then the test pieces and extrusion needle test & other , can it a heavy impact extrusion needle machine test completed, the operation is simple, only need to change the test fixture. Introduce the battery weight impact extrusion needle machine structure and use functions: 1. Heavy shock: suitable for cell ( Or battery pack) Under different quality of heavy objects from different heights through free-fall impact on batteries, lead to destructive test of battery internal short circuit, through the observation period is used to assess the safety of the battery performance test results. 2. Extrusion of acupuncture: this machine is suitable for simulation of various kinds of batteries in use, transport, storage or handling household waste, batteries squeezed. Battery don't bang on fire as qualified. Structure: 1. The machine structure: 1. 1. Divided into a test area around, left for extrusion acupuncture area, the weight is on the right impact area; 1. 2. Squeeze the acupuncture area: is composed of upper and lower two layers, the upper part for test, the lower bearing part; 1. 3. Device controller for independence. 2. Body material: 2. 1. In case material: 45 # 10 mm thick steel plate chrome plating process, and labeled with teflon, high strength, corrosion resistance and flame retardant 2. 2. Carton material: 1. 5 mm thick 2 A3 cold plate baking lacquer to handle. 3. Both sets of metal wire coat fire tube, effectively prevent the battery test process of ignition and combustion phenomenon; 2. 4. Install lighting lamp, can clearly see work indoor outside; 2. 5. Acupuncture/extrusion speed is 10 ~ 80 mm/s can adjust at will; 2. 6. Acupuncture value n ~ 13 250 kn/extrusion pressure can be arbitrarily set, meet the standard requirements; 2. 7. Darned loading test hole and tuyere, tuyere + exhaust fan would be more effective to test gas and air pressure quickly ruled out; Test hole provide participants to probe test temperature or pressure in the space and design; 2. 8. Control part and the chamber in the form of separation, can be in 1 ~ 2 meters, played a safety measures. 3. Monitoring observation: equipped with independent work camera 2, three independent store image data. 1. Pressure explosion venting function: box at the back of the explosion door, when battery exploded acupuncture extrusion, the stress in the cabinet, the explosion door can be made automatically, reduce the pressure in the cabinet, and reduce stress on the impact of the above is the door is the battery weight impact extrusion needle machine structure and purpose, thank you for your reading, have a need to consult the device, welcome your special line call, web site on the right side of our contact information
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