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Interpretation of the operating rules of textile testing instruments

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-01
Textile testing instruments are generally used to detect fiber length, fineness, crimping, yarn twist, etc., and have been used in many fields. Due to the large number of types, many new instruments have also appeared. Do not understand when operating, leading to a series of problems, which requires the formulation of some strict rules and regulations. Operation rules of textile testing equipment: 1. The operators of textile equipment should use the equipment correctly, strictly abide by the operating regulations, prepare carefully before starting, check repeatedly during starting, handle properly after shutdown, make adjustments during operation, and carefully implement the operating rules and indicators , Over-temperature, over-pressure, over-speed, and over-load operation are not allowed. Through operation exercises and technical learning, you can understand the structure, performance, and purpose; be able to use, maintain, and troubleshoot. 2. When using the instrument and equipment, the operator should master the prevention, judgment and emergency treatment measures of equipment failure, and keep the safety protection device intact and easy to use; after use, the working power should be cut off, and the parts, accessories and tools should be intact; and Carefully fill in equipment operation records, defect records, and operation diaries.  3. Operating rules of textile testing equipment: Operators must carefully implement the shift system. If there is something to leave while the equipment is running, you need to entrust other experimental staff to take care of it to ensure that remedial actions can be taken in time when there is a malfunction or accident in the operation of the equipment and equipment to avoid accidents and unnecessary losses.  4. The equipment maintenance personnel shall conduct patrol inspections on the equipment that they are responsible for, and deal with the problems in time, and cooperate with the operators to do a good job in safe production.  Sometimes, textile instruments work for a long time, or when the working environment temperature is high in summer, they will malfunction. Turn off and check it is normal. After stopping for a period of time, turn it on again and it will be normal. After a while, it will malfunction. This phenomenon is due to the poor performance of individual ICs or components, and the high temperature characteristic parameters fail to meet the index requirements. In order to find out the cause of the failure, the heating and cooling method can be used.
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