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Is peel test machine tested before shipment?
Yes, peel test machine is fully tested before shipment. GESTER International Co.,Limited is a quality-oriented manufacturer with great achievements in quality control. Before we tapped into the global markets, we paid less attention to the ex-factory inspection, which results in the high rejection rate of the product. Now, since we have conducted detailed quality assurance rules and set up criteria for ex-factory product quality, the pass rate of the product has increased remarkably. Customers can rest assured about the product quality by remotely reviewing our QC process.

As one of the leaders in the manufacture of Tensile and Compression Tester, GESTER today has the exclusive portfolio of products in the industry. The lab dyeing machines series is one of the main products of GESTER. GESTER fabric sample cutter is developed by our professional team. It has been improved to its resistance to the electromagnetic influence of electronic products and weather condition such as thunderstrike. It conforms to the standards of EN, ASTM, DIN, BS, JIS, etc. Poor quality light could cause eye strain. The product fulfils stringent test criteria to ensure that it meets eye comfort requirements. It is widely used by Apple, IKEA, and other famous companies.

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