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Mask PM Protective Effect tester GT-RA10

Mask PM Protective Effect tester GT-RA10
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PM Protective Effect tester used for testing the effectiveness of daily protective masks and other types of masks against particulate matter.It is applicable to medical device testing center, safety protection testing center, labor protection testing center, drug testing center, disease prevention and control center, textile testing center, hospital, mask and respirator manufacturing enterprises, etc.




  1. GB/T 32610



Product Parameters

Products Details

1. The cold-generated aerosol generator is used to produce continuous and stable aerosol particles, and it is convenient to inject solution.   

2. High precision PM2.5 sensor was used to measure aerosol concentration.

3. The whole process of particle leakage prevention design to protect the safety of the experimenter.

4, aerosol generator 2 sets: salt particulate aerosol generator and oil particulate aerosol generator.

5. Electrostatic charge neutralization device of aerosol particles is equipped.

6. Mask PM Protective Effect tester equipped with temperature and humidity sensor, real-time display of ambient temperature and humidity (temperature and humidity requirements: 25℃±5℃, 30%RH±10%RH).

7. Laser dust particle counter is configured.

8. High protection test door design, with good sealing, and equipped with operating gloves to facilitate the replacement of the mask to be inspected.

9. Standard head mold was used for the test of protective effect: 1 standard head mold was used to imitate the real situation of wearing a protective mask.

10. Protective effect aerosol particles: the concentration range of the test chamber (20-30) mg/m3 can be adjusted, and the concentration fluctuation is less than ±10%;The aerosol generator produced a particle size distribution of 0.02-2 μm, with a median mass diameter of 0.6 μm for salt particles and 0.3 μm for oil particles.

11. Protective effect aerosol concentration detection device: gas sampling flow (1-2) L/min, sampling frequency: 20 times /min (1-9999 times /min can be set arbitrarily), dynamic detection (0.001-100 times) mg/m3, accuracy 1%.

12. Protective effect: the sampling tube of inhaled gas is directly under the nose (in the mouth).

13. The protective effect adopts a breathing simulator to simulate the breathing state of the human body.

14. Respiratory simulator: sinusoidal airflow, frequency 20 times /min, respiratory flow control (30±1) L/min, respirator flow range: 0-40 L/min.

15. Instrument accuracy level (accuracy level) : 1

16. Control system: computer control test process, automatic data collection, special computer and test software configuration.

17. Computer automatic test and display: medium concentration in the warehouse, medium concentration in the inhaled gas, background concentration;Automatic calculation: protective effect;Can save, output, query, print test data.

18. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

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