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Mosley's lactic acid bacteria controversy

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-02
A few days ago, an article 'Evaluation of 20 Children's Yogurt: Have you been fooled by the 'Secret of Longevity Village'?' 'Quickly aroused controversy in the yogurt circle. The article questioned that Mosleyan did not contain lactic acid bacteria. This question quickly expanded on the Internet and included questions about room temperature yogurt. The most concentrated point appeared on lactic acid bacteria. In fact, there has always been a topic about which nutritious normal temperature yogurt or low temperature yogurt is nutritious. Until recently, there were rumors that normal temperature yogurt has high sugar content and no nutrition. It is understood that the creator of China's room temperature yogurt is Bright Dairy. In 2009, Mosleyan of Bright Dairy pioneered the sub-category of room temperature yogurt, which was the first to break the gap in China's second and third-tier cities that the low-temperature cold chain could not benefit, and achieved explosive growth. Since then, major dairy brands have followed suit. Room temperature yogurt breaks through the limitation of the cold chain and meets the urban and rural consumption needs of the imperfect cold chain with the advantage of longer shelf life, and provides more diverse and humane drinking options for people with lactose intolerance and weak gastrointestinal functions. , The audience is extremely wide. However, as time went by, questions about room temperature yogurt became more and more. Song Liang, a senior analyst of China's senior dairy industry, said in an interview that all room temperature yogurt does not contain lactic acid bacteria, but is rich in prebiotics, which is very beneficial to the human body. Even if the lactic acid bacteria are eliminated by the high temperature process, the protein, calcium, vitamins and other nutrients contained in the normal temperature yogurt are still the same as the low temperature yogurt. The argument that the sugar contained in room temperature yogurt is too high and affects health after being ingested by the human body is simply untenable. Mosleyan is a product suitable for all ages. The testing of some institutions is obviously biased and unfair. According to industry insiders, the injustice that Song Liang refers to is actually the difference in categories caused by different processing techniques. Low-temperature yogurt only undergoes a sterilization process in the state of raw milk. After fermentation, it is no longer sterilized. After the fermentation is completed, it is no longer sterilized. Lactic acid bacteria can survive in it, but the storage conditions are harsh, low temperature storage is required, and the shelf life is relatively long. short. The room temperature yogurt requires 'pasteurization heat treatmentBut is room temperature yogurt without lactic acid bacteria really nutritious? On this topic, the World Dairy Joint Committee (IDF) has long concluded that the metabolites produced during the fermentation of yogurt have unique nutritional value. It is the core of the nutritional value of yogurt, and it does not depend on whether the lactic acid bacteria continue after the fermentation is completed. exist. It is also because of the different processes that normal temperature yogurt and low temperature yogurt have different health functions on the human body. Low temperature yogurt contains probiotics. Although room temperature yogurt does not have probiotics, it is rich in nutrients such as protein and calcium. Most notably, room temperature yogurt is a good choice for people who are lactose intolerant, children, the elderly, people with weaker gastrointestinal functions, and consumers in areas with poor traffic. The person emphasized that it is completely a rumor to compare lactic acid bacteria with room temperature yogurt and low temperature yogurt, and to conclude that room temperature yogurt has no nutrition.
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