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my country's baby carriage tester industry is moving further

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-03
Abstract: my country's baby carriage testing-equipment' target='_blank'>tester industry is moving step by step towards a longer road. As an important industry in industrial production, our industry has played a particularly important role. Not only can it bring great convenience to the scientific and technological production of enterprises, it can also help increase the efficiency of the enterprise, thereby accelerating the development of the enterprise.  The baby carriage tester industry is a relatively high-tech industry, and its development prospects are huge, but from the current situation, the development process of this product in our country is still relatively slow. And the development of this industry still faces many difficulties and challenges. According to relevant data analysis, the development of industrial automatic adjustment instruments in my country is not evenly balanced among various regions. Among them, Shanghai has the highest output, which reached tens of thousands of units in March, while Beijing has a relatively small output. The output is relatively small, but it has increased a lot compared to the previous production, with a year-on-year increase of 1.64%, indicating that there has been a very big improvement compared with the previous output.   Compared with the developed countries, the development level of my country's baby stroller tester industry is relatively backward, equivalent to half of those developed countries. Therefore, for the domestic equipment industry, the road of development is not smooth, and it is challenging. Among them, one of the important reasons for the slow development is the lack of scientific and technological strength; and the domestic instrumentation industry has little investment in science and technology, relatively poor independent innovation capabilities, and lack of professional talents. These factors have affected the rapid development of the industry. development of. In the long road of future development, the government can actually encourage enterprises to start independent innovation through policy support, increase investment in technology, and actively attract talents, which lays enough ground for the rapid development of my country’s baby stroller tester manufacturers. solid foundation.
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