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Shoelace and Eyelet Abrasion Testing Machine - A Professional Tool

Shoelace and Eyelet Abrasion Testing Machine - A Professional Tool


Shoelace and Eyelet Abrasion Testing Machine - A Professional Tool

With the continuous development of the footwear market and the increasing demand for quality from consumers, the abrasion resistance of shoelaces and eyelets has become an important indicator of shoe quality. To ensure the durability and comfort of shoes, shoelaces and eyelets must undergo strict abrasion resistance testing during production. The shoelace abrasion tester has emerged as an indispensable testing device for footwear manufacturing enterprises.

1. Product Overview

The Shoelace and Eyelet Abrasion Testing Machine GT-KC03 is a specialized device used for testing the abrasion resistance of shoelaces against standard eyelets or eyelets against standard shoelaces. This tester is suitable for various types of shoelaces and eyelets, helping companies ensure the durability and quality of their products.

2. Working Principle

The working principle of this testing machine is simple yet efficient:

1). Clamping of Shoelaces and Eyelets: The shoelace is threaded through an eyelet fixed on a fiber board, forming a 90-degree angle between the shoelace and the eyelet, and a 45-degree angle between the fiber board and the shoelace.

2). Applying Standard Tension: The shoelace is reciprocated under standard tension through the eyelet.

3). Damage Detection: The test stops automatically when the shoelace is damaged, recording the abrasion resistance data.

This testing process simulates the friction conditions of shoelaces during actual use, accurately reflecting the abrasion resistance of shoelaces and eyelets.

3. Product Advantages

1). Accuracy: The Shoe Lining Seepage Testing Machine uses high-precision sensors to accurately measure the abrasion resistance of shoelaces and eyelets, ensuring the reliability and consistency of test results.

2). Versatility: This equipment is suitable for various materials and types of shoelaces and eyelets, meeting the testing needs of different footwear products.

3). Ease of Operation: Its user-friendly design makes it easy to operate without requiring professional training.

4). Efficiency: The high degree of automation in the testing process allows for quick completion of tests, improving production efficiency.

5). Durability: Made from high-quality materials, it is durable and requires low maintenance costs.

4. Application Scenarios

The Shoe Lace & Eyelet Abrasion Tester is widely used in the following scenarios:

1). Footwear Manufacturing Enterprises: Quality testing of shoelaces and eyelets during production to ensure the durability and comfort of finished shoes.

2). Quality Inspection Agencies: Testing footwear products on the market to protect consumer rights.

3). R&D Departments: Testing the abrasion resistance of shoelaces and eyelets during the development of new materials and processes to enhance product competitiveness.

5. Operating Steps

1). Preparation: Check if the equipment is functioning normally and ensure the shoelaces and eyelets are prepared.

2). Installation of Shoelaces and Eyelets: According to the manual, thread the shoelace through the eyelet fixed on the fiber board, adjusting the angles to 90 degrees and 45 degrees.

3). Setting Parameters: Set the testing parameters, including tension and cycles, as needed.

4). Starting the Test: Start the equipment to conduct the abrasion resistance test, monitoring the process.

5). Recording Data: After the test, record the damage condition of the shoelace and the test data for analysis.

6). Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain the equipment to ensure long-term stable operation.

The Shoe Lace & Eyelet Abrasion Tester, with its high accuracy, versatility, ease of operation, efficiency, and durability, has become the ideal choice for footwear manufacturing enterprises and quality inspection agencies. With this device, companies can effectively improve product quality and market competitiveness, providing consumers with superior and more durable footwear products. As technology continues to advance, the shoelace abrasion test machine will continue to play a crucial role in the field of footwear abrasion resistance testing, leading new trends in the industry.

The Shoelace Eyelets Abrasion Tester is not just a testing device; it is a robust support for companies to enhance product quality and gain market reputation. Choose the SATRA TM93, and ensure the guarantee of quality and trust.

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