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Thermal Shock Test Chamber GT-F56

Thermal Shock Test Chamber GT-F56
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This Thermal Shock Chamber is prohibited to flammable, explosive, easy to volatile substances sample test or storage, corrosive substance sample test or storage, biological sample test or storage, strong electromagnetic emission source sample test or storage.




  1. 1.Heat preservation envelop enclosure:

     (1).Outer wall material: cold-roll steel sheet stoving varnish.

     (2).Inwall material:  stainless steel plate SUS304.

     (3).Body heat preservation material: rigid polyurethane foam and glass fiber.

     (4).Door heat preservation material:  glass fiber.

  1. 2.Air conditioning channel: Fan, heater, evaporator, air door and temperature sensor.
  2. 3.The standard configuration of chamber body: a lead drilling hole, locate on the left surface of the chamber body, φ50mm round hole. 
  3. 4.load capacity of test chamber basket (uniform distribution):  2 sample basket, 5kg load capacity each(uniform distribution).
  4. 5.Adjusting foot and adjusting wheel: 4 adjusting feet to support the test chamber, 4 adjusting wheels to move the test chamber.
  5. 6.Thermal Shock Chamber door: single open, left hinge, right handle (reference of Test chamber outline drawing).
  6. 7.Circulating fan:   
  7.     (1).High temperature/ring temperature exposure:  3φ,400W, centrifugal

    (2).Low temperature exposure:  3φ,400W, centrifugal

  1. 8.Thermal shock tester control panel: Controller display screen, failure indicator, hour meter, R232 interface and over temperature protection setting device, total power switch.
  2. 9.Machine room: Refrigeration unit, drainage device, exhaust fan.
  3. 10.Power distribution control cabinet: main power leakage circuit breaker, controller, power distribution board, cooling fan, high and low temperature circle back fan motor.
  4. 11.Heater: Nickel chromium alloy strip heater,
  5. 12.Heater control mode: non-contacting periodic pulse width, SSR (solid-state relay).

13.Thermal shock test machine power line hole and drain hole: at the back of the chamber.


Product Parameters

Key Specification

Temperature range of test area

-40℃~150℃, -60℃~150℃, -65℃~150℃  ( option)

High temperature range: +60℃~150℃

Low temperature range: -10℃~150℃

Testing environment condition

Environment temperature: +28℃

Relative humidity: ≤ 85%

In the condition of without sample in the sample chamber

Preheating temperature range


Heating up time


≤ 40min

Note: The heating up time is the performance when

      the high temperature chamber individually operates.

Low temperature chamber

Note: The heating up time is the performance when

      the high temperature chamber individually operates.

Precooling temperature range


Cooling time

+20℃→  -55℃≤ 70min

Note: The cooling time is the performance when

    the low temperature chamber individually operates.

Testing method

Switch pneumatic ventilation door 2 or 3 temperature zones.

Temperature shock range


Temperature fluctuation


Temperature departure


Temperature recovery time

≤ 5min

Recovery condition

(Chart One)



Sample: plastic packaged integrated circuit(uniformly distribute)

Sensor:  the upper side of the sample

High temperature exposure: +150℃ 30 minutes

Environment temperature exposure:   ---

Low temperature exposure:  -40℃ 30 minutes

Sample weight: 2.5kg

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