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Washing machine battery simply introduced

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-29
Description of washing machine: battery GX - washing testing-equipment' target='_blank'>testing machine 5065 ( Patent no. : ZL 2016 2, 0304695. 7) Jester is independent research and development of a brick products. Applicable to handheld electronic products with lithium ion battery, may be carried in a pocket or the use of portable electronic products with lithium ion battery and other portable electronic products can be put in the pocket to carry battery, security of user more HuanXing battery/battery handheld electronic products such as washing test. Battery washing machine meet standard: GB31241 - 2014 'portable electronic products with lithium ion batteries and battery pack and safety requirements. Battery characteristics of washing machine is introduced: 1, the box body material: the box is made of 316 senior SUS# stainless steel, the outer cartons for the high quality cold rolled steel double-sided heat treatment of the lacquer that bake. 2, washing special fixture and turn the pulp material: SUS# 316 stainless steel, with strong acid and alkali resistant and corrosion resistance. Equipped with small battery fixture with large battery ( Such as the use of the battery) Each a set of fixture, the user replaceable clamp, use rise more handy. 3, equipment with door safety induction switch, open the door is in the test, under the condition of equipment will force and electricity to run, prevent damage of non-professional operators of wrong operation, the safety of test personnel to the highest degree of protection, and safe way of working. 4, a battery of washing machine washing box, test case with rotating propeller, driven by servo motor and servo drive, to precisely control the rotation speed. 5, washing paddle is can lift structure, for users with battery washing liquid can be recycled, 20 to shorten the testing time 30 min and when install batteries, began to move up XianDi OARS, don't need the tester bending advantages both in washing box for installation. 6, convenient charging design: water tank is separated from solution box, when customers add solution does not need to add the proportion of good solution directly washing box, in the process of test, because the water vapor evaporation leads to washing water contents, the device can automatically control the ratio of water tank to add test cases to the good solution, fully guarantee the concentration of the solution. 7, the PID control, temperature control module for the Japanese omron PLC temperature temperature module, temperature control precision, the error is very small. 8, this equipment adopts PLC man-machine interface control, structural design of science is rigorous, automation of operation, shorten the testing time improves the test accuracy and efficiency, save the resources and labor costs. Battery washing machine main technical parameters: carton high quality cold-rolled steel sheet double heat treatment of the lacquer that bake, the machine color can be the user to specify the test box temperature range at room temperature to 80 ℃ ( Adjustable, can be arbitrary set) , commonly used temperature of 45 & plusmn; 2℃; The temperature precision & plusmn; 0. 5 ℃ temperature evenness & plusmn; 2 ℃ washing barrel diameter is 650 mm * 550 mm in the washing barrel depth of 550 mm in the test in the box size ( Including washing box) 700*700*1000mm( W*D*H) Stir the sample fixed on the rotating device ( Paddle washer) On the rotational 0 in aqueous solution. 5 h, speed is 60 r/min SUS# rotating blade material 316 stainless steel material SUS# 316 stainless steel drive system driven by imported servo motor and servo controller, high precision operation; Dehydration speed can be automatically or manually remove solution, rotating device ( Paddle washer) The rotation 10 min, the speed of 800 r/min, It can display) 0 - test time 9999 h/M/S can be arbitrarily set temperature control method of intelligent P. 我。 D control heat pipe power 6 kw heating tube material titanium heating tube, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life; Taiwan yonghong PLC man-machine interface control system, reliable performance, high modulus of precision, after test done automatically set parameters, simple configuration efficient detergent solution pH value is 11. 0± 0. The solution of (1 Can use quality score of 0. 004% NaOH solution) , washing solution by customers since the soaking with fixed to the sample of the rotating device ( Paddle washer) Then place the sample in solution, battery center distance liquid level height is 300 mm & plusmn; 10毫米) Soak 0. 5 h, the test process to keep the temperature of the solution to ( 45± 2) ℃; Equipment structure test box installation has four wheels and feet at the bottom of the cup, the device can be easily moved to need to put, foot cup device can be fixed in the position of the need; More about battery washing machine equipment, please contact the jester manufacturer to obtain 0769 - 22826897. Tags: & nbsp  washing washing machine & NBSP battery test apparatus & NBSP battery washing machine device
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