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What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing textile equipment?

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-24
With the economic development, various product styles are diverse, and the same is true for the instrument industry. The textile instrument alone is a dazzling array. So when buying textile equipment, as buyers, what standards should we use to measure the quality of textile equipment? What aspects should be paid attention to in use? In terms of price and quality, how should we choose?  What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing textile equipment? If you can pay attention to these points when purchasing, you will be able to bring home cheap and good-quality instruments, thereby reducing costs for enterprises and improving instrument utilization. This article will focus on the knowledge of textile instrument procurement.     1. For the purchase and purchase, special attention should be paid to the measurement performance of textile instruments. Because the measurement performance directly affects whether the measurement results are accurate and consistent. The stability of textile instruments with good measurement performance is better, which is within the allowable error range. Therefore, the necessary measurement verification must be done when purchasing.    (1) An instrument often has several ranges for selection. Generally, the error of the two ends of the display range of the instrument is large, so according to the different test objects, you should choose Reasonable and moderate instrument range.  (2) The precision of the instrument (abbreviated as precision) is a comprehensive reflection of random errors and systematic errors. In order to obtain the difference of test objects at the same time, a reasonable and moderate instrument range should be selected. (3) The reproducibility of the instrument means the consistency of the same measured physical quantity under different measurement conditions. The usually called inter-station error or 'station difference' is one of the reproducible indicators. Therefore, when selecting the instrument, it is required It is very important to have good reproducibility.  Measuring performance is the basic lever for measuring textile instruments.     2. What are the main textile instruments? Common ones are: disc sampler, geotextile abrasion tester, geotextile dynamic perforation tester, geotextile thickness gauge, geotextile effective aperture tester, geotextile permeability tester, electronic geotextile strength comprehensive testing machine , Rubbing color fastness tester, shrinkage tester, thermal and moisture resistance tester, and other standard group brands are available.   Regardless of the kind of textile equipment, you should carefully read the corresponding technical parameters before using it, so as to avoid malfunctions in use and damage to the life of the equipment. As long as the technical parameters and supporting instructions are taken seriously, the compatibility between accessories and accessories can be better utilized, and the instrument can work better. For example: parameters such as frequency, weight of specimen, number of frictions, external dimensions and so on.     Three, pay attention to the cost-effectiveness of the instrument. Although there is such an old saying-you get what you pay for. However, in the current economy and society, it is necessary to allocate resources rationally, seek truth from facts, and do not blindly compare. There is no best, only the most suitable. Purchasing that grade of textile equipment depends on the specific work involved. Consider what kind of functional models are needed for the work to be completed, and purchase them in a targeted manner, so that costs can be reduced and profits can be maximized.   Then again, it's better to buy a big brand for the instrument, because the big brand has the reputation, the quality is trustworthy, and the price is relatively reasonable. Therefore, it is better to buy the instrument from the brand. Based on textile testing equipment for 12 years, accumulated rich industry experience and social brand benefits, is your trustworthy partner.   In short, when buying textile equipment, you should pay attention to the three aspects mentioned above. Not only that, you can also refer to the above mentioned when buying other equipment. Hope to have a certain effect on your purchase of textile equipment. For more information about the procurement of textile equipment: http://www.standard-groups.com/News/index_2.html
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