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Why we choose the IULTCS & Veslic Leather Abrasion Tester ?

Why we choose the IULTCS & Veslic Leather Abrasion Tester ?


What is leather rubbing fastness tester?

IULTCS & Veslic Leather Abrasion Tester applies to the test of dyeing leather material abrasion and decoloration degree after friction.

Leather rubbing fastness tester is the testing machine which is accordance with the method for determining the color fastness to cycles of to-and-fro rubbing of the surface of leather. Iultcs rubbing fastness tester, designed to carry out a rub fastness test on the surface of leather to determine the amount of ‘marring’ of the leather surface or the finish and to assess the amount of color transfer from the sample to the rubbing pad under dry or wet conditions.This machine is suitable for all types of stain-resistant fur dry and wet rubbing fastness, and various types of fur products and fur leather goods and dual-use lint-free test.

Veslic rub fastness tester Standards

DIN 4843 , ISO 11640, SATRA PM 173,QB/T 2537, GB/T 20991 section 7.3 , EN ISO20344 section 7.3 ,  AS/NZS 2210.2 section7.3. 

What are the advantages of the iso 11640 iultcs veslic leather abrasion tester ?

1.  IULTCS Rubbing Color Fastness Tester Intelligent control system provides stable performance.

2. Preset testing cycles with automatic stop make tests easier.

3. The unique design of IULTCS Rubbing Fastness Tester allows reliable and stable test result.

4. Impact appearance and construction design offers a good shape and convenient operation, also allows a long life time without repairing.

5. Equipped with an extension device so samples can be extended at a required rate.

6. Two models of single and double test position are offered.

7. Available with a piece of 500g loading weight, thus allows a test with 500g or 1000g loading.

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