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A common fault analysis of universal testing machine

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-15
Common failure analysis of universal testing machine universal testing machine is in use after a period of time, more or less will appear a few small fault, but if there is a small action, such as the supplier of the technical personnel on-site maintenance, and is a waste of time, here to share some common troubleshooting methods: universal testing machine, the loading rate is not stable. Causes: 1, the control parameter setting is not ideal, 2, sensor sampling is not stable. Solution: 1, under the guidance of debugging personnel set control parameters, 2, good shielding wire. Second, click on the 'valve port initialization' digital servo valve no action, not to whine. Reason: 1, the measurement and control box power switch did not open; 2, line not connected. Solution: 1, open the switch control box, 2, check whether the line is even better. Third, no normal a/d signal is detected. Causes: 1, oral communication failures, 2, measurement and control board failure. Solution: 1, check the serial port connection, and confirm the connection, 2, change control board. Fourth, cannot access control software. Causes: 1, program error, 2, database error. Solution: 1, increase the amount of open loop control, digital servo valve 2, apart, kerosene or gas flush valve core and valve body. Five, click 'run' button, the pistons didn't rise. Reason: 1, the open loop control quantity is too small, 2, valve core. Solution: 1, reset well tubing, 2, and increase the amount of open loop control. Six, click 'run' button after the piston rises slowly. Causes: 1, tubing leaking joint, 2, open loop control quantity is not enough. Solution: 1, reset well tubing, 2, and increase the amount of open loop control. Seven, universal testing machine cannot be loaded into the maximum load. Reason: the tubing joint leakage. Solution: to connect the tubing.
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