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About The The Method of Whole Shoes Flexing Testing Machine

About The The Method of Whole Shoes Flexing Testing Machine


Finished Shoes Flex Tester is to test finished shoes, like sports shoes, casual shoes, work shoes etc. And determine its flexing resistance or indicating the cracks of shoe or shoe sole through reciprocating flexing movements under the specified angle and frequency.  

1. Whole Shoes Flexing Tester Feature

1.Equipped with acrylic protective cover, which make sure safe operation and low noise.

2.Heel fixture using linear slide for smooth movement with little resistance.

3.Freely set running times and machine automatically stop after test finished.

2. Whole Shoes Flexing Testing Equipment Test Principle

The finished shoe sample is mounted in the grips which can make the reciprocatingmotion, and continuously bent along the natural flexing line at a constant speed andspecified angle. Flexing is completed once either preset flexing time or the number offlexes is reached.The operator observes for damage and evaluates the flexing resistant ability of the specimen.

3. Shoes Flexing Tester Working Steps

3.1 Whole Shoes Flexing Tester has 4 Working stations.

3.2 Open the cover, remove the cork, install the cork to the toe cap and then fix it.

3.3 The left side control box to adjust the left two working options, the same to right side.

3.4 Select the Angle, such as 30°then adjust the pointer to 30° with a wrench, and refer to the parameter sheet to set the 5. corresponding Size, such as 30 ° corresponds to 40.

3.5 There are counting and timing two modes, selecting what you need and set the parameter.

3.6 After setting, click 'Return' and must click 'Zero'and Start test.

3.7 Shoe Flexing Testing Machine will stop automatically afteageaches setting data, take out test sample and observe.

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