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How to Process the Sole Flexing Test

How to Process the Sole Flexing Test


EN Sole Flexing Tester is used to measure the flexing resistance of shoe soles under continuous movement.

Pinciple of Shoe Sole Flexing Resistance Test 

Shoe Sole Flexing Resistance test piece fastened to the clamps is incised by a cutting tool in the area directlyover the center roller when the specimen is in the maximum stretched state.Afterflexed for specific cycles at a specified speed through a 90-degree angle, the final cutlength on the surface of the specimen is measured using a measuring magnifier tocompare with the initial cut length before the test to get the cut growth for determiningthe flexing resistant performance of the test sample.

Features of Whole Sole Flexing Test Machine 

1. Shoe Sole Flexing Resistance Tester with temperature control available;

2. Safety Cover is equipped to protect the operator.

3. Test position can be made in Vertical or horizontal direction.

4. Brand motor to ensure long service life.

5. Clamps are made of stainless steel to provide enough tenacity and sturdiness.The unique clamp design facilitates faster fixing of samples.

6. Digital-display counter supports preset the number of flexes before the test.The adjustable bending rate is available from 125cpm to 150cpm.

7. Workstations can accommodate 3pcs soles to be tested at the same time.Equipped with a quality motor offers strong power for flexing.

8. Supports operation interface in Chinese&English.

How to Process the Sole Flexing Test

1. Prepare the test sample and mark the point on it for later insertion of a cut.

2. Remove the heel from the outsole and clam the outsole according to the standard. Make sure the outsole would be fully flexed in the right position.

3. Pierce the test piece at the point above the mandrel using a cutting tool when the specimen is at maximum flex position,then measure theinitial length of the cut.

4. Actuate the bending resistance tester to conduct the test for 30,000 cycles at a constant speed between 135 cycles /min and 150 cycles/min.

5. At completion of given cycles, measure the latest length of the cut again and minus the length of the cut before the test to get the cutgrowth.

Notice for EN Sole Flexing Test

Before the Whole Shoe Sole ross Flexing Tester, the outsole test sample should be test on outsole rigidity tester. Outsole which needs more than 30N to reach the angle of 45° is not suitable to flex on the whole sole flexing tester.

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