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What is flammability tester?

What is flammability tester?


Flammability Tester is to determine the degree of flammability on the basis of the test results after a variety of materials are tested under different conditions.In order to minimize the risk of fire or explosion, it is important to evaluate the flammability characteristics of the material to understand key characteristics such as the lower flammability limit, upper flammability limit, limiting oxygen concentration and deflagration index.

What is flammanility test of fabric?

The ASTM D6413 flammability test procedure is used for measuring textile flame resistance. ASTM D6413 measures the char length of a flame-resistant (FR) textile but does not set a pass/fail standard for flammability. Flammability testing equipments for textile flammability are mainly for evaluation of flame resistance performance.

The testing instruments are applied for textile fabrics and textile products according to ISO, ASTM, BS, JIS, GB, DIN and other industry or enterprise standards.GESTER Instruments offers a wide range of instruments to meet flammability testing needs and has experts ready to assist with choosing the correct instrument, accessories, and test materials necessary for precise, standard compliant flammability testing.


How can flammability be tested?

The materials are placed over a Bunsen burner either vertically or horizontally, depending on the specification. During a vertical flammability test, a material is observed for the length of time it burns after the igniting flame is removed, how much of the specimen burns and whether or not it drips flaming particles.Once all samples and paperwork are received, we can complete the test for flame spread and have your results in just two weeks. That represents the fastest turnaround time in the flammability testing industry.

Types of Flammability Tester

1.Vertical Flammability Tester

The Vertical Flammability Tester was designed for measuring the vertical flame spread for children’s sleepwear, fabrics, other textiles, or resilient filling materials used in upholstered furniture. The instrument comprises a draft free stainless steel cabinet with glass observation panel window and back wall painted black for easy test viewing.

Designed to meet international standards including: ASTM, CFR, GB and California TB, the Vertical Flammability Chamber meets all major flammability regulations for testing fabric flammability. Optional Automatic Gas Control system including solenoid control gas valve and automatic ignition timer and controls.

The instrument has a separate enclosure for manual gas controls that is located away from the flame chamber.

2. Horizontal Flammability Tester

The horizontal flammability tester is used to determine the ability of a material to resist flame. The test is performed using a Bunsen burner to impinge on a horizontally mounted specimen.

Mainly used for determining the horizontal burning rate of materials used in the occupant compartment of road vehicles ( for example, passenger cars, lorries/trucks ,estate cars, coaches ), and of tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry, after exposure to a small flame.

3. 45° Automatic Flammability Tester

Used to determine the burning characteristics of textiles under controlled conditions, the 45°  Automatic Flammability Test Chamber automatically times the flame spread in 0.1 second increments from ignition. The time starts when the flame impinges and stops when the sample’s trigger string burns through. The flame burns at a 45° angle under controlled flame-impingement at the tip of a stainless steel hypodermic needle with automatic flame impingement times of 1, 5 or 20 seconds available.

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