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Analysis of influencing factors of leather abrasion resistance

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-14
When it comes to the use of leather products, leather products are becoming more and more popular among consumers. Therefore, manufacturers and consumers pay attention to the wear resistance of leather. So what are the main factors of the abrasion resistance of leather? How to improve the abrasion resistance of leather? The following editor analyzes as follows for everyone. Leather abrasion resistance refers to the resistance to wear of leather, which is expressed by the inverse of the wear rate or the degree of wear under specified friction conditions. The main influencing factors of leather abrasion resistance: There are many factors that affect the abrasion resistance of leather, such as: the mechanical properties of the fiber, the shape and size of the fiber, the experimental conditions and the leather technology, and so on. The influence of fiber mechanical properties and morphological size is as follows: ①The influence of fiber mechanical properties The relative importance of fiber tensile, bending and shearing properties to leather abrasion resistance varies according to the difference in structure and use conditions; ②Fiber morphology The effect of size. The important conditions that affect the leather abrasion test data are ① the influence of abrasive; ② the influence of tension and pressure; ③ the influence of temperature and humidity. In addition, it is still alive during actual use. Due to the effects of sunlight, sweat, humidity, etc., leather of the same specification used in different environments has different wear resistance. According to research, PU leather is more wear-resistant than PVC artificial leather, and it is not so easy to become hard and brittle. In particular, the birth of a new type of green and environmentally friendly leather, and the wear resistance of the zero-solvent PU synthetic leather has surpassed the satisfaction of consumers and manufacturers. Whether it is used in car seat modification or leather sofas, its abrasion resistance is even more prominent. After long-term use, it still maintains the original feel and color.
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