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Analysis of leather wear resistance testing method

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-13
my country is a large leather producer, and the market for leather is huge. Therefore, there are many domestic leather companies. Different countries have different standards for the physical and chemical properties of leather. Especially for export companies, there are more standards that need to be tested. This article is about Analyze the abrasion resistance of leather frequently tested, and briefly introduce its experimental method. Execution standard This machine complies with DIN-53754, 53799, 53109, TAPPI-T476, ASTM-D3884, ISO5470-1, GB/T5478-2008 and other standards. Test operation method 1. Prepare the grinding wheel required for the test piece material before the test (Abrasion wheel), the grinding wheel used for the dough is (rubber grinding wheel). The customer will prepare several pieces of fine sandpaper for grinding wheel calibration. 2. After cutting the standard test piece (outer diameter 108mm, inner diameter 8mm, thickness 3mm), use double-sided tape —— Paste on the back of the test piece, and after removing the sticker on the other side, weigh the test piece and record the four digits below the decimal point.    3. Confirm that the power supply voltage is AC220V, 50HZ   4. Raise the test lever arm, and then turn on the power supply Run a trial run first to check whether the machine is operating normally, then lift the test arm and vacuum arm, remove the test piece fixing nut and 'washer (ring)Fixed ring.   5. Cut the prepared fine sandpaper into a model of the test piece, place the center hole on the screw, cover the gasket, fix the nut with the test piece, and fix the fine sandpaper on the disc. 6. Put the fixing ring on, flatten the sandpaper, and lock the fixing ring and fixing nut with a wrench.    7. Select the grinding wheel according to the test standard and loosen and remove the fixing nut of the grinding wheel. After installing the grinding wheel, Tighten to fix. 8. Dispose of the required weights according to the test standards (the weights placed in this testing machine is 750g)    9. Set the number of test rotations to 50 times (the test rotations can be set according to the different needs of the test Count), put the test arm and vacuum cleaner down, turn on the power switch and vacuum cleaner switch, adjust the air volume, and turn on the motor switch to start operation. For the rubber grinding wheel, before each operation of the test piece abrasion test, a fine grinding wheel should be used for 50 times. 10. After 50 times of sanding with sandpaper, turn off the power, follow the steps 4, 5, 6, 7, and the reverse steps to take out the sandpaper and follow the steps 4, 5 Place the test piece on the steps of, 6, and 7.  11. Set the number of test revolutions to 1,000 times, stick the sand layer on the grinding wheel with a plastic tape, check whether the double-sided tape of the test piece is smoothly stuck on the test disc, and then repeat the step 10.   12. When the set number of tests is reached, it will automatically stop working. 13. After the shutdown, remove the sand layer on the leather surface with a small brush, and remove the test piece together with the double-sided tape and weigh it with a precision balance,    count to four decimal places, and record it, and calculate the test value according to the formula .  A. The unit of the test result is the abrasion index, and the calculation method is as follows: Abrasion loss weight (W0) u003d weight of the test piece before the test (W1)-weight of the test piece after the test (W2)    abrasion index (T) u003d Abrasion loss weight (W0)/test revolutions (N)×1000  B. Example: The weight of the test piece before abrasion (including the weight of the double-sided tape) is 45.3953g×1000u003d45395.3mg The test after the abrasion test piece The weight of the tablet (including the weight of the dough tape) is 45.3185g×1000u003d45318.5mg    abrasion timesu003d1000 times, then the abrasion indexu003d(45395.3-45318.5)/1000*1000u003d76.8( mg)
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