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Analysis of Testing Method for Waterproofness of Shoe Material and Leather

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-23
The waterproof performance of shoe material is mainly reflected in the waterproof performance of upper leather material, and the waterproofness of shoe material leather is also an important indicator of shoe material quality standards. As leather and textiles are the main components of the upper surface, the following will introduce the waterproof performance test methods of these two types of materials. There are 3 test methods for leather waterproof performance, Bally waterproof (soft leather waterproof) test method, heavy leather waterproof test method and Maeser waterproof test method. B ally's domestic standards for waterproofing and heavy leather waterproofing are GB/T 22890-2008, GB/T 22891-2008, these two standards are modified to adopt ISO standards, GB/T 22890-2008 is modified to adopt ISO 5403:2002, GB /T 22891-2008 is a modification of ISO 5404:2002. Maeser waterproof is the American standard ASTM D 2099 and ISO 5403-2:2011. 1. Maeser Waterproof Test Method The current test standards include American standards ASTMD 2099 and ISO5403-2:2011. This method is to install the test sample on the Maeser leather dynamic waterproof testing machine, immerse it in water, and observe the water seepage after the tortuous test. The test result is characterized by the number of flexes and water absorption during permeation. This method is suitable for the test of general shoe upper leather. When testing, it is also necessary to clamp the sample to avoid water infiltration from the cracks. 2. Bally waterproof test method (soft leather waterproof) The current test standards are GB/T22890-2008 and ISO5403-1:2011. Before the test, the sample is formed into a groove shape and installed on the fixture, so that the sample collides with the water surface in a continuous wrinkle state, and observes the waterproofness of the leather in this similar wearing state, and calculates the water permeability time, water absorption rate and water permeability , Characterize the dynamic waterproof performance of leather. This method is suitable for testing the soft leather of the shoe upper, and testing the hardness of the leather at the same time, so as to select the appropriate amplitude. Before the test, the surface of the sample was roughened and the coating was removed. When testing, pay attention to clamping the sample to avoid water infiltration from the cracks, which will affect the test results. 3. Heavy leather waterproof test method The current test standards are GB/T22891-2008 and ISO 5404:2011. Under the condition of flexure and compression (such as the compression method of shoe soles during walking), the surface of the sample is continuously wetted. According to the thickness of the heavy leather, different action times are set to obtain various indicators for evaluating the water resistance of heavy leather. The results can be characterized by absorption and permeability. The absorption rate is the moisture content absorbed by the sample during the test (weight of the sample after the test-weight of the sample before the test u003d the moisture content added in the sample), and the permeability is the rate at which moisture permeates the leather. In this method, the surface of the sample must be roughened before the test to remove the coating, and one end of the sample must be fixed on the roller during the test. The three test methods have different principles and are suitable for testing the waterproof performance of different types of leather. The Bally waterproof test method is suitable for shoe upper leather and clothing leather. The heavy leather test method is suitable for sole leather and insoles. The Maeser waterproof method is suitable for general Shoe upper leather. At present, the Bally waterproof method and the Maeser waterproof method are widely used in testing institutions and corporate laboratories. More about leather testing equipment: http://www.standard-groups.com/LeatherShoes/
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