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Analysis of the Reasons Affecting the Test Results of Random Pilling

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-06
The random pilling tester is mainly used for the fuzzing and pilling test of textiles. The clothing fabric will always cause friction and wrinkles in various situations in the process of use. Different conditions have different conditions for the fuzzing and pilling of the fabric. The engineers in this article will briefly explain the principles and influencing factors of this type of experiment, as well as the principle of the simulated pilling tester. 1. Test principle: According to the test standard, in a cylindrical test box, the sample is driven by the airflow of the rotating blades to rub against the cork liner installed on the inner wall of the test chamber. The air pressure in the test box ensures uniform friction of the sample. Under the action of a certain period of time, the surface of the test sample will be fluffed and pilled. After the test is over, take out the sample and grade it in the grading box. 2. Reasons affecting the test results: 1. Air pressure in the test chamber: According to the test principle, the air pressure in the chamber and the rotation of the rotating blade directly affect the friction between the test sample and the cork liner. According to relevant standards, the air compression device is required to make the air in each test chamber reach 14-21KPa. At the same time, the air tightness of the test chamber should be ensured, and the door should be tightly closed during the test. 2. Sampling method: According to the standard, it should be ensured that the three samples come from the same test sample and do not contain the same warp and weft yarns. The size of the sample is (105±2)mm*(105±2)mm. Mark the sample, seal the edge of the sample with an adhesive, hang it to dry, and the drying time is not less than 2h. 3. Use of test equipment and auxiliary materials: Cork cylinder liner: length 452mm, width 146mm, thickness 1.5mm. The cork pad needs to be replaced after 1 hour of use, and the unused side is rubbed with the sample. Put the gray short cotton together with the sample into the test chamber (weight 25mg, length 6mm) to improve the friction and fluffing performance of the sample, and the hair balls are visible. 4. Rating box and rating method: Because the rating of the random pilling test is subjectively assessed, it contains certain errors. First, understand the installation, light source, and observation method of the sample in the rating box according to the standard. Along the longitudinal direction of the fabric, the tested sample and a piece of untested sample (or pilling standard sample photo) are placed side by side in the middle of the sample plate of the grading box. Use white fluorescent tubes or bulbs to illuminate, keep the light source position 5°-15° with the sample plane, and keep the observation direction 90°±10° with the sample plane. The distance between the eyes with normal corrected vision and the specimen should be 30cm-50cm. The rating is subjective, and it is recommended that at least 2 people rate it. Record the grade of each sample, and the result of a single person’s rating is the average of the grades of all samples. The test result of the sample is the average of the ratings of all personnel. If the average value is not an integer, it shall be corrected to the nearest 0.5 level and indicated by '-If the difference between a single test result and the average is more than half a level, the level of each sample should be reported at the same time. 5. Cleaning of the test chamber: Check the cleanliness of the test chamber before each test, and clean it with a vacuum dust collector. More about the random pilling tester: http://www.standard-groups.com/TextileGarment/
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