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Classification method of paint adhesion standard grade

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-27
In solving the problem of paint film coating adhesion, Jiongsheng adhesion promoters are widely used, so what method is used to determine the effect of adhesion promoters to improve the adhesion between the substrate and the paint? Painting and coatings The industry generally uses the Baige adhesion test method to check. Here we will take a look at how the Baige adhesion test method examines the application effect of adhesion promoters. In order to check whether the degree of bonding between the coating and the substrate meets the requirements after the surface coating process of plastic or metal materials is completed, the commonly used test method is to use a knife to draw a grid on the surface, and tape to the center of the grid formed. Then pull off smoothly, observe the phenomenon of paint film peeling, and judge by calculating the state corresponding to the grid in the grid. The standards for the cross-cut method of paint film include: GB/T 9286-1998 'Cross-cut test of paint and varnish film-Cross-cut test. When we buy paints and coatings and other products, we pay attention to quality. The quality of paint and coatings is reflected in whether the color is firm or not, that is, the adhesion in professional terms. We will see the adhesion level of the product on the label of the paint and coating product. So how does this adhesion level come from? Let's take a look at the test methods and test standards for paint adhesion. The test in this article uses the standard group cross scratcher to reproduce the test process. Paint coating adhesion test standard: It is divided into five grades, and it is qualified when the adhesion is ≥ 4B. 5B-The edge of the scribe line is smooth, and there is no paint peeling off at the edge and the intersection of the scribe line; 4B-There is a small piece of paint peeling off at the intersection of the scribe line, and the total area of u200bu200bthe peeling is less than 5%; 3B-in the scribe line There are small pieces of paint peeling off at the edges and intersections, and the total peeling area is between 5% and 15%; 2B-There are pieces of paint peeling off at the edges and intersections of the scribe line, and the total peeling area is 15%~ Between 35%; 1B-there are pieces of paint peeling off at the edges and intersections of the scribe lines, and the total area of u200bu200bthe peeling is between 35% and 65%; 0B-there are pieces of paint at the edges and intersections of the scribe lines The paint peeled off, and the total area of u200bu200bpeeling off is greater than 65%. Paint coating adhesion test method: First, place the painted sample on a flat table, use a 100-grid knife to apply uniform force perpendicular to the surface of the sample, and steadily draw at least 6 parallel cutting lines, and then make 90° with the first cutting line Vertically cross and draw 6 parallel lines to form a grid pattern. It should be noted that all the incisions need to penetrate the surface of the substrate, and then use the lines in the grid to clean the lines, and then apply in the center of the grid. Tape and make sure it is in full contact with the paint film. Lift the tape to form an angle of about 60° with the template, continuously and steadily evacuate the tape, and then observe the paint film falling off in the grid. 1. Draw one hundred grids on the substrate coating sample, and the scoring knife needs to penetrate the paint film to the substrate. 2. Clean the surface of the sample to ensure a clean test environment. 3. Fit the tape to the center of the coating sample and make sure The coating is completely in contact with the coating and pulls away quickly and continuously. 4. Adhesion is judged according to the peeling of the paint film, (comparison of the effect after the adhesion promoter is not used and the adhesion promoter is used) Paint coating adhesion test notes: 1. The incision should penetrate the coating, but not too deep into the substrate. If the coating is too thick and hard to penetrate the substrate, the test is invalid. 2. The tape is generally a 25mm wide translucent tape, and the backing material is polyester film or acetate fiber. Stick the tape on the entire grid, and then tear it off at a small angle. The result can be obtained according to the ratio of the glued area on the surface of the paint film. 3. The test should be conducted at a temperature of 23±2°C and a relative humidity of 50±5%. It is important to test the adhesion of paint and coatings. It is an important standard and basis for dividing paint and coating grades and judging quality, as well as judging whether a paint and coating product is a product. Important indicators. The paint adhesion will directly affect the decoration effect. We must carefully read the adhesion test level on the label of the paint and coating product when purchasing.
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