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Color Fastness to Washing Testing Machine: Ensuring High-Quality Production

Color Fastness to Washing Testing Machine: Ensuring High-Quality Production


The textile industry is highly competitive, and manufacturers must produce high-quality products that meet strict industry standards. One crucial aspect of textile production is color fastness, which determines how well a fabric retains its color after exposure to washing or other forms of exposure. To ensure high-quality fabrics, manufacturers use color fastness to washing testing machines.

The Application of the GT-D07 Color Fastness to Washing Testing Machine

The GT-D07 Color Fastness to Washing Testing Machine is designed to test the dyeing textile color fastness changing degree after washing. It not only performs washing color fastness tests but also dry washing color fastness tests. By simulating the effects of repeated washing on fabrics, manufacturers can assess their products' performance and make necessary adjustments to improve color fastness and overall quality.

The Features of the Wash Fastness Tester

The wash fastness tester has several features that make it an ideal tool for textile manufacturers:

1. Design Parameter Conforms to Standards: The machine's design parameter conforms to ISO, BS, AATCC, JIS & SDC standards, ensuring that the testing results are reliable and accurate.

2. Durable Materials: The wash fastness tester's box and test cup are made of stainless steel, making them resistant to high temperatures, acid-base, and corrosion. This feature ensures that the machine can withstand heavy usage and provides long-lasting performance.

3. Door Safety Switch: The Washing Color Fastness Tester is equipped with a door safety switch that protects users from burning or injury.

4. Procedure Time Counter and Digital Temperature Controller: The Textile Colour Fastness To Washing Tester comes equipped with a procedure time counter and digital temperature controller that ensures that the testing process is precise and accurate.

5. Customizable Cup Compound Mode: The machine can customize the cup compound mode according to customers' requirements, making it a versatile tool that can meet the unique needs of different textile manufacturers.

The Test Method of Color Fastness Testing Machine

To conduct a color fastness to washing test using the color fastness testing machine, follow these steps:

1. Samples Preparation:  Place the samples and multi-fiber adjacent fabric under the constant temperature and humidity (temperature: 21±1℃, humidity: 65%±3%) for 4 hours. Cut 40mm*100mm specimen and multi-fiber adjacent fabric, and suture the specimen and multi-fiber adjacent fabric face to face along one short side.

2. Reagent Preparation:  Prepare corresponding reagents according to different test standards and keep them as standby. If sodium perborate is required in the test, the preheating temperature shall not exceed 60℃ when preparing the solution, and it shall be used within 30 minutes at most to prevent the loss of oxidant.

3. Solution Warm-up:  Put the specified volume of solution and a specified number of steel balls into the stainless steel cup, put the stainless steel cup into the launderometer for a few minutes, preheat to the specified temperature. Then put in the prepared sample for test.

4. Assessment Records:  At the end of all tests, flush the samples twice with distilled water at 40℃, and then dry the samples in air not exceeding 60℃. After drying, assess the change in color of the sample and the stain of multi-fiber adjacent fabric under the color light box, and record the data sheet according to the requirements.

It is essential to follow the testing standards required and ensure the Color Fastness to Washing Testing Machine is calibrated correctly before conducting any color fastness to washing tests. This will ensure the accuracy and reliability of the testing results, and help manufacturers produce high-quality and durable products.


In conclusion, the GT-D07 Color Fastness to Washing Testing Machine is an important tool for any textile manufacturer looking to produce high-quality, long-lasting products. By enabling manufacturers to test their products' color fastness under simulated washing conditions, this machine helps ensure that fabrics can withstand repeated washing and meet industry standards.

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