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Common methods for testing textile pilling

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-20
1. Terms and definitions: 1. Fuzzing: obvious surface changes caused by the protruding of fibers on the surface of the fabric or the extension of the fiber ends to form plush; 2. Fuzzy balls: the entanglement of fibers protruding from the surface of the fabric, dense and not light A ball that penetrates and produces a projection. Fluff changes and hairball formation may occur during washing, dry cleaning, wearing or use. 3. Pilling: the overweight of hair balls on the surface of the fabric. 2. Excessive fuzzing and pilling: The basic unit of fabric is yarn. The yarn is subjected to carding, stretching and friction during processing. Its surface is not smooth, and fluff will inevitably appear. The fabric is constantly subjected to external force during the weighing process, so that the fluff or monofilament on the surface of the fabric is gradually pulled out. When the height and density of the fur reach a certain value, the continued action of external friction makes the fur entangled into a ball. Protruding on the surface of the fabric, if the rigidity of the material is large, it is not easy to fall off under the action of friction after pilling, and eventually form a hair ball. Fabric pilling will deteriorate the appearance of the fabric and reduce its wearability. It is one of the important testing items in trade transactions. 3. Methods of testing fabric pilling performance: 1. Martindale method: under specified pressure, the circular sample on the sample holder and the abrasive on the grinding table (the same fabric or wool fabric abrasive as the tested sample) Follow the Li Sharu curve for friction. The sample can rotate freely around the central axis perpendicular to the plane of the sample. After the prescribed friction stage, visual description is used to evaluate the fuzzing and pilling level of the sample. Gellowen Martindale Abrasion Tester 2. Pilling box method: The sample mounted on the polyurethane tube is arbitrarily turned over in a wooden box lined with cork with a constant speed. After the specified number of turns, visual description and evaluation of the pilling performance. ICI roller box pilling and snag tester 3. Random tumbling method: Put the sample in the test box, under the rotation of the impeller, the cork lining of the storage box will rub continuously and randomly. After the set time is reached, the sample is taken out Make a rating. Gellowen random pilling tester 4. Circular trajectory method: According to the specified method and test parameters, use nylon brush and fabric abrasive or only fabric abrasive to make the sample friction and pilling. Then under the specified lighting conditions, visual description and evaluation of the pilling performance. Gellowen Round Track Pilling Apparatus More about Roller Box Pilling Apparatus: http://www.standard-groups.com/TextileGarment/
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