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Common methods of textile flame retardant test

Common methods of textile flame retardant test


As we all know, there are tens of thousands of textile materials, and polymer materials are also common. Most polymer materials are hydrocarbon organic structures, which are flammable and combustible materials. During combustion, the heat release rate is high, the heating value is high, and the flame propagation speed is fast. , Not easy to extinguish. In recent years, various countries have successively improved the laws and regulations related to the flame retardancy of materials, and put forward higher requirements for the flame retardancy of polymer materials. Commonly used methods for the flame retardancy of polymer materials include Horizontal Flammability test, vertical flammability test and glow wire test method, etc. GESTER Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. develops and produces flammability tester. Customers who have purchase needs are welcome to inquire in time.

Horizontal flammability test method:

1.Basic concept:Mainly used for determining the horizontal burning rate of materials used in the occupant compartment of road vehicles ( for example, passenger cars, lorries/trucks, estate cars, coaches ), and of tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry, after exposure to a small flame.

2.Commonly used standards:ASTM D5132, ISO 3795, FMVSS 302 , JIS D1201, FZ/T 01028, GB/T 8410, GB/T20953, SAE J369, GMW3232 

3. Test equipment:Horizontal Flammability Tester GT-C34A

Vertical flammability test method:

1. Basic concept: used to measuring the vertical flame spread for children’s sleepwear, fabrics, other textile materials or resilient filling materials used in upholstered furniture of textiles. 

2. Commonly used standards: ASTM D6413, CALIF TB-117, CFR1615, CFR1616, GB/T 5455

3.Test equipment: Vertical Flammability Chamber GT-C35

Glow wire test method:

1. Concept: After heating the specified electric heating wire with high current to the test temperature (550℃-960℃) for 1 min, burn the test sample vertically at the specified pressure, and observe whether the sample and the bedding are ignited or the duration of ignition is measured The ignition hazard of the solid combustible material, the ignitability, ignition temperature (GWIT), flammability and flammability index (GWFI) of solid combustible materials.

2. Commonly used standards: IEC 60695-2, GB 5169, GB 4943

3. Test instrument: Glow Wire Tester GT-MC35H-1

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