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Medical mask flame retardant tester

Medical mask flame retardant tester


Medical Mask Flame Retardant Tester-Medical Mask Flame Retardant Performance Tester is mainly used to test the combustion performance of medical masks after exposure to flame at a certain linear velocity. It is a special test instrument for the flame retardant performance of medical masks.

Mask flame retardant tester Standards:
GB 19083, YY 0469, GB 2626, EN 149, IS 9473, EN 14325

Technical index:
1. The automatic linear movement speed of the head mold is (60±5) mm/s
2. Flame height can be adjusted 40±4mm
3. Mask combustion tester equipped with flame temperature measurement and detection thermocouple
4. The flame temperature is (800±50)℃ at the height of (20±2)mm from the top of the burner
5. The distance between the top of the burner and the lowest point of the mask is (20±2) mm
6. The burner height adjustment range is 30mm
7. The wall thickness of the metal head mold is 23mm, flame-resistant and burn-resistant
8. Continuous burning time and smoldering time timer: 09999.9 seconds, accuracy: ±0.1 second
9. Mask Flammability Tester Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 50W


Precautions for instrument operation:
1. The test must be carried out in a fume hood.
2. In the storage place of the instrument and gas cylinder, it is strictly prohibited to smoke or fire, put an end to fire, and promptly extinguish the samples that are still smoldering after the test.
3. Before starting the machine, check the gas pipeline carefully and strictly prohibit gas leakage.
4. The operator should have protective clothing and protective gloves to prevent hands from being stabbed or scalded.
5. Exhaust fans should be installed in the work room to eliminate harmful gases and replace fresh air immediately after the test.
6. At the end of the test, be sure to turn off the gas source first, press and hold the "ignition" button, light the igniter and wait for the gas in the tube to burn out, then turn off the power.
7. After the igniter is "started", it stops for some reason. Please press the "Igniter Return" button. After the igniter returns to the ignition position, press the "Clear" button. After the working state is reset, restart the operation. .
8. If the air source has been connected, press the "ignition" button, the igniter will not ignite, please check whether the igniter port is blocked, and remove the attachment.
9. The Medical Face Mask Flame Resistance Tester must have a good grounding wire!

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