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Test process of particulate filter efficiency tester

Test process of particulate filter efficiency tester


Test process of Automatic Particulate filtration efficiency tester (PFE Tester):

1. Check the test device to confirm that the device is in normal working condition;
2. Wear the mask firmly on the fixture according to the instructions of the Particle Filtration Efficiency Tester, open the particulate filter pipeline and the aerosol concentration monitoring device, and after the displayed value is stable, record the particulate matter concentration in the gas entering the mask through the particulate filter pipeline (ie Background concentration of particulate matter in the mask C);
3. Turn on the Particulate Filtration Efficiency Tester PFE Testing Machine, introduce the test medium into the mask, use the aerosol concentration monitoring device to monitor the concentration of the test medium in the warehouse through the ambient air sampling pipe, and wait until it reaches
4. Use the tester detection device to record the test medium concentration C1 in the warehouse, and inject it into the mask through the particulate output pipeline for testing. After the test, the particulate filtration efficiency tester automatically displays the filtration efficiency value, thereby recording the filtration effect of the mask.
5. After the particle filtration efficiency test is completed, the fixture automatically opens and the mask is taken out.

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