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Congratulations to testing equipment bidding byd deep region second division Pack fire equipment project

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-31
BYD Company Limited was founded in 1995, now has IT, automobile, new energy, light rail four big industrial clusters, group headquarters is located in shenzhen ping mountain, now the world were set up in shenzhen, xi 'an, huizhou, changsha, Shanghai, Beijing, shaoguan and other 30 production base, the total area of more than 18 million square meters. Byd group has more than 20 division, more than 130 factories, employees 220000 people. So far, the company and the jester testing equipment companies have cooperation for many times, have purchased equipment battery external fire testing machine, extrusion machine, etc. , these devices are used in the detection of battery safety performance, it is enough to show the company as a new energy cars, producers, is attached great importance to the battery performance, that is why more and more citizens choose byd auto. Similarly, the byd company deep hui area in the second division Pack fire equipment project and the purchased equipment is used in the detection of battery Pack or system safety, jester is a mature product testing equipment company, is also a state of brick products, product performance is stable, high measurement precision, is used for battery safety performance testing. Although and byd company has cooperation for many times, but we understand that the project, the company attach great importance to related colleagues and non-stop began planning the whole project bidding work, but also because the time is short, colleagues work overtime for 2 more days to complete the tender work. In the end, finally paid what, after all aspects of the comparison and selection, byd has chosen the jester testing equipment company which is our company as the bid winner for this project, thank you for the trust of byd company and colleagues.
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