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Constant temperature and humidity test chamber of operating functions have?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-05
A, product description: jester constant temperature and humidity test chamber is mainly is to simulate the nature climate, is suitable for the electrical, electronics, instruments and meters and other products, spare parts and materials in storage, transportation, high and low temperature alternating hot and humid environment when using the adapted to all kinds of electronics, electrical, electrical appliances, plastic raw materials and components such as cold and heat, wet resistance test and the reliability of the qc engineering test equipment; In addition, also used in wire and cable, optical fiber, crystal, batteries, computers, mobile phones and other products of high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, resistant to moisture cycling test. Second, the constant temperature and humidity test chamber operation function is introduced: 1. The innovation of advanced control theory knowledge, perfect integration of PLC and HMI control system, simple operation control system is not wrong, let you experience unprecedented operational control. 2. Has been designed with security protection module, resistance to voltage up to 500 v, connected to the power equipment don't have to worry about testing equipment was burned down. 3. Design with advanced energy saving module, save electricity by 30%, save water by 20%, and adopted the HFC environmental design does not hurt the human and nature, to reassure you can make detection experiments. If there is demand environment, batteries, footwear, tensile testing machine testing equipment, welcome to click into our jester site oh, there is our contact information! Welcome to call!
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