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Constant temperature and humidity test chamber to test battery products

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-14
The battery products in the process of testing, is very important to a temperature and humidity test. Because the temperature and humidity on the battery, rechargeable batteries, as well as various types of industrial industrial battery life can be deadly. To understand and test the performance of various types of battery products, can also with constant temperature and humidity test chamber to test, but our battery products are selection of battery testing equipment. The constant temperature and humidity test chamber for battery products mainly have the effect of what respect, jester testing equipment on this issue in-depth analysis. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber is a temperature and humidity testing equipment, mainly to temperature and humidity of the test object, mainly test and check its performance. Battery products after in constant temperature and humidity chamber test area, the first thing we can set up dozens of degrees below zero in the low temperature rise one hundred - degree heat, to monitor temperature from low to high temperature performance. At the same time, we also in the process of low temperature to high temperature test, humidity interference, from high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and humidity in many aspects, such as resistance to resistance testing products. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber through the above series of experiments, we can judge the battery product quality advantages and disadvantages, and in need of improvement.
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