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Do You Want To Know About What Is The Light Fastness Testing Machine

Do You Want To Know About What Is The Light Fastness Testing Machine


Of all the types of colour fastness testing, gauging a material’s reaction to light is probably one of the most important. The effects of light can be far more subtle and unpredictable, so it’s here that accurate, reliable testing is crucial.

What is light fastness tester?

Light fastness testing equipment is a specific type of Colour Fastness Testing. Lightfastness typically means the degree and duration to which dye resists fading due to constant light exposure.

GESTER Instruments With the great R&D strength of products and great production capability, produced the Light Fastness Testing Machine.

Air Cooled Light Fastness Textile Measuring Equipment  Application 

Light Fastness Testing Machine apply to light color fastness, anti-climate color fastness, light & perspiration color fastness and light aging tests of textile, paint, dye, coating, rubber, plastic, wood floor, paper and other materials, it have anti-climate functions of exposing to the rain, revolution and mist spraying.

Feature Of xenon light fastness tester:

1. The 2500W long arc xenon lamp is used to simulate the solar spectrum.

2. High transmittance of filter combinations and use 95% of the transmittance filters and filter cartridges. With Low power consumption but achieve the same irradiation light requirements. To make the machine is more energy saving and environment friendly.

3. Xenon arc light fastness tester Standard equipped with 420nm wave band, irradiance digital setting, real time monitoring,  closed loop automatic regulation, providing the most stable irradiance test light source for different standards (340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm and 300-800nm band optional ).

4. Test and radio transmission are powered by using light conversion technology, no additional power supply is required.

5. The sample is tested with black plate thermometer (BPT), black plate standard thermometer (BST), irradiance detector at the same position (in equidistance) to really indicate measuring state of the sample, the tested data is transmitted synchronously by using technolody of radio frequency.

6. Textiles Light Fastness Tester With industrial temperature control (refrigeration) system for smoothly and fast adjusting temperature in test chamber

7. Light fastness test for fabric With several modes of operation (spray, alternating light and dark, revolution), can simulate the real climate state.

8. Individual timing of each sample clamp may enable different sample test in a same tester and facilitate test monitor and reduce operation cost.

9. 7-inch color touch screen, various test monitor models(animation, figure and chart), simply operate, directly and clear.

10. 1000 hours of continuous operations.

11. Industrial grade microcontroller with strong antijamming capability.

12. 12 working positions monitoring, can set and inquire the irradiation energy.

13. Light Fastness Tester possess fault prompt functions and self-diagnostic function.

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