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Environmental test chamber product function upgrade success

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-03
Environmental testing equipment market competition is more and more fierce, especially in high and low temperature test chamber and constant temperature and humidity test chamber especially fierce competition. Now to do the market environment should not only have good price, good quality, the company should have more research and development design ability, and to continuously seek new strength, pay attention to the use of the product value and the practical value, combined with market demand for rapid response, timely adjust enterprise development direction, jester co. , LTD. Is a enterprise, put the customer the demand forever first, put the interests of the company. According to the development of environmental test equipment market now, the customer about the quality of the environment test equipment, function and practical requirement is very high, simple equipment cannot bring practical guidance to the production of enterprises, enterprises need a more complete function, small occupation space equipment, our company according to market demand, has been working to develop in the direction of development, has now developed a new product, concrete results are as follows: a, jester new rapid temperature test chamber, variable speed ratio of different stress screening test, can be optional heating and cooling rate: 5 ℃ / min, 10 ℃ / min, 15 ℃ / min, ESS, condensation can be test, high temperature and humidity test, temperature and humidity cycling test, etc. Test temperature range can be up to - 70 ~ + 180 ℃, optional capacity is 150 l, 225 l, 408 l, 800 l, 1000 l, 1500 l. 30% energy saving, low noise, two sets of overtemperature protection device, if the machine fails, another set of independent overtemperature protection monitoring sample chamber temperature and protection, can be used in the military. Second, jester new high and low temperature explosion-proof test chamber, temperature range for - 70 ~ + 150 ℃, two chamber work independently, unique explosion-proof function makes it able to work with battery charging and discharging test. Programmable PLC + remote computer control, the separation of power distribution and enclosure, safety explosion-proof, double room, save a space. Optional capacity is 150 l, 225 l, 408 l, 800 l, 1000 l. Three, jester new high-capacity automatic spray fire-extinguishing explosion-proof high and low temperature test chamber, content is 10000 * 10000 * 10000 mm, with explosion-proof, automatic water spray, alarm, and other functions, powerful, stable running, can be used in the military enterprise. Jester always should do market demand in the products, designed to allow customers with less cost and create more benefits. We have been in the new, designed to allow customers with the finest products. Tags: high and low temperature box & nbsp  & NBSP rapid temperature change chamber & NBSP large capacity high and low temperature box & NBSP environment test box manufacturers
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