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Experimental test method of glow wire testing machine

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-29
The function of the glow wire testing-equipment' target='_blank'>testing machine: Insulating materials or other solid combustible materials that are easy to spread flame inside the equipment may ignite due to the glow wire or hot components. It is suitable for the fire hazard test of electrical and electronic products, household appliances and their materials, and simulates the thermal stress caused by heat sources or ignition sources such as hot components or overload resistors in a short time. 1. Purpose: Standardize the operation, maintenance, and maintenance of the glow wire testing machine to make the equipment operate normally. 2. Scope: It is suitable for the flame retardant test of plastic parts of various products. 3. Reference standards: According to GB/T 5169.10-2008 'Glow Wire, Hot Wire Basic Experimental Methods, Glow Wire Apparatus and General Experimental Methods2. Digital instrument: adopt Korean autonics (Autonics) display. 3. Circuit breaker: Schneider 4. Buttons, switches, indicator lights: Shanghai. 5. Cabinet: Made of 1.2-thick 304 stainless steel plate, painted on the surface. V. Operation process 1. Preparations before the operation of the glow wire testing machine a. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before use, and follow the instructions, and operate in sequence; b. Do not use accessories that are not provided by the original manufacturer to avoid danger; c. The glow-wire testing machine is placed in a room with degreasing ventilation equipment (or in a small laboratory with a special ventilation hood) to facilitate the discharge of exhaust gas after the test. d. Hang the two supporting weights with copper wires (connected to the sample rack) through the two pulleys (passing through the corresponding small holes) at the left end of the bracket under the bracket plate. e、According to the requirements of the standard to know the interest and clamp the sample. f. Adjust the proximity switch 2. Loosen the nut that fixes the proximity switch and move it left and right; 3. Press the 'left button' and the trolley will move forward automatically. When the test product touches the glowing wire, move the proximity switch by hand , Stop the car and fix the proximity switch. 4. Press the 'heating' button to adjust the current adjustment knob. According to the requirements of the sample, adjust the appropriate current value and see if the temperature reaches the required temperature for the test. When the test product touches the glow wire head, the limit electromagnet is released, and it can only move forward 7mm with the pull of 1N weight. When the experiment is completed, pop up the heating button, and then turn the current adjustment knob to the minimum. More about glow wire testing machine: http://www.standard-groups.com/FlammabilityTesting/1039.html
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