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Explain the precautions for the use of the ICI pilling tester by GESTER

Explain the precautions for the use of the ICI pilling tester by GESTER


ICI Pilling and Snagging Tester, to determine the surface pilling and snagging properties of both woven and knitted materials. ICI Pilling Box Tester complies in full with the requirements of EN ISO 12945-1 and BS 5811, etc.This article by GESTER for you to explain the precautions for the use of the ICI pilling tester.

Tester ICI pilling tester note:

1. The voltage should be kept stable during use to avoid burning out the power supply.

2. Periodically clean cork liners with a suitable cleaning solvent, such as industrial methylated spirit or trichloroethane.

3. When replacing the experimental tube, the new experimental tube needs to be checked before it can be used.

4. Regularly check whether the buttons of the control panel and the screws of various parts are normal.

5. Clean the instrument before and after each test to ensure that all fluff and debris are removed from the box.

6. Every six months the reference fabric should be retested and compared with the original test specimen.

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