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Several Common Errors In Test Results Of Testing Machine

Several Common Errors In Test Results Of Testing Machine


People can control the operation of the testing instrument through the computer operation, through the computer display can be informed of the state of the testing machine and the test parameters, but also by the computer to achieve the functions and data processing analysis, test results print. However, some errors sometimes occur when we process instrument data. GESTER summarized the following common errors in instrument test results:

Systematic errors are regular, and this regularity is reflected in each specific experiment. If this regularity is found, it can be corrected.

1.The value of the universal tension tester is not accurate, and the measured force value is always larger or smaller.

2. The coefficient error on the instrument panel when the resistance strain gauge measures the strain.

Errors in the test work, negligence and other reasons. Such errors are irregular and needs to be checked repeatedly to avoid it.

Cause: Such as the electronic universal testing machine was operated incorrectly, the testers read the wrong numbers, and wrote the wrong decimal point position when recording.

That is, under the same conditions, repeated measurement of the same parameter for many times, the measured value can not be completely the same.

1. During the test process, the change of friction force in the test machine

2. Changes in ambient humidity, etc.

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