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General testing standards and methods for textiles

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-21
By testing the performance of textiles, manufacturers can ensure that their textiles can meet the high expectations of the market, and that they have enough strength and flexibility to complete their design work. Common test types for textiles, fabrics, cloth and some fibers include resistance Resistance, compressive strength, tensile strength, puncture resistance and air permeability, thickness, coefficient of friction, etc.    Many types of these tests can be performed on high-precision testing machines. The general testing standards for textiles include:     ASTMD737 Standard Test Method for Air Permeability of Textile Fabrics.    ASTMD1777-Standard Test Method for Thickness of Textile Materials.    ISO9237-Determine the permeability of fabrics to air.    ISO6452-coated fabric-determination of fogging characteristics or decorative materials inside the car.    ASTMD1424-A drop pendulum (Elmendorf type) device is a standard test method for the tear strength of fabrics.    ASTMD2256-Standard test method for measuring the tensile properties of yarns by the single-thread method.    ASTMD5587- Trapezoid method to determine the standard test method of fabric tearing strength.
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