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How the BALLY Water Penetration Tester Works ?

How the BALLY Water Penetration Tester Works ?


BALLY Water Penetration Tester is used for determining the resistance of leather, artificial leather, fabric and so on footwear upper material to water penetration on flexing, in order to assess the suitability for the end use. 

Bally water penetrometer Standards

DIN53338 , ISO 5403 , ISO 17702 , EN ISO 20344-2021 section 6.13, EN 344-1 section 5.12 , EN ISO20347 section 6.3.1 ,  AS/NZS 2210.2 section 6.13 , QB/T 3903.17, GB/T20991section 6.13

Bally Waterproofness Test  Method

1. A rectangular test specimen is bent partly round, and secured between, two cylindrical clamps so as to form a trough. 

2. The trough is then immersed in water and the clamps oscillate at a constant speed so that the specimen is repeatedly flexed. 

3. The time taken for water penetration through the test specimen to occur is recorded. 

4. The mass of water absorbed by, and transmitted through, the test specimen can also be measured.

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