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How to Operate the IULTCS & Veslic Leather Abrasion Tester ?

How to Operate the IULTCS & Veslic Leather Abrasion Tester ?


Leather rubbing fastness tester is the testing machine which is accordance with the method for determining the color fastness to cycles of to-and-fro rubbing of the surface of leather. Iultcs rubbing fastness tester, designed to carry out a rub fastness test on the surface of leather to determine the amount of ‘marring’ of the leather surface or the finish and to assess the amount of color transfer from the sample to the rubbing pad under dry or wet conditions.This machine is suitable for all types of stain-resistant fur dry and wet rubbing fastness, and various types of fur products and fur leather goods and dual-use lint-free test.

IULTCS & Veslic Leather Abrasion Tester : used for color fastness testing of leather, plastic and textile. Under the specified pressure, let white wool felt to do reciprocating abrasion to the surface of dye sample. After a specified count, to assess the color fastness of sample by checking the color change and fading of sample and the discoloration of white wool felt. It can be used for dry abrasion testing and wet abrasion test.

How to operate the IULTCS & Veslic Leather Abrasion Tester ?

1. Turn on the emergency stop knob.

2. Lift the abrasion head and install the wool felt in to groove.

3. Install the sample and fix it on the fixture.

4. According to standard requirement, stretch the sampleto a certain ratio by adjusting the screw.

5. Put the abrasion head smoothly just above the sample. Make sure the abrasion hear parallel tothe sample and then lock the hand screw.

(The weight above abrasion head can be removed or installed according to test requirement.)

6. Select 'English', click 'Set' enter parameter setting interface. Set the test time (Timer)or times (Counter) and speed.Then click 'Return' to back to the leather rub test interface.

7. Click 'Zero' to clear the data before leather abrasion test and click 'Start' to test.

("Micro": When you want to return the fixture to original position, please click it.)

8. When the set value is reached, the leather abrasion tester will stop automatically.

9. Remove the tested wool felt and sample, visually assess the changein color of the sample and the staining of the felt by using grey scales.

The unique design of IULTCS Rubbing Fastness Tester allows reliable and stable test result.

Impact appearance and construction design offers a good shape and convenient operation, also allows a long life time without repairing.

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