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I wish quality measurement supervision and inspection of shaoguan city chosen - — Ordered shoes 5 testing instruments

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-16
In early September, shaoguan quality measurement supervision and detection caused by electricity consultation of the technical scheme of safety shoes testing instrument, our company attaches great importance to, after a brief telephone communication, we first give the corresponding technical solution to customers. After comparison, shaoguan metrological supervision and quality inspection final selection by the jester, successful our footwear testing instrument of a batch of ordering, at present the production of this batch of equipment is underway, strive for an early delivery customers to use. The quality measurement supervision and inspection of shaoguan city ordered our safety shoes testing instrument, a total of 5 units, respectively is GX - DIN abrasion tester, GX - 5028 Anti-static tester, GX - 5076 Safety shoes compression puncture tester, GX - 5064 Safety shoes electric insulation tester, GX - 5087 5032 safety shoes impact testing machine. The small make up a simple introduction of the testing instrument use 5 shoes. GX - 5028 DIN abrasion tester: suitable for elastic material, rubber, tires, conveyor belts, shoe soles, soft synthetic leather and other material to pledge the abrasion of measurement, high efficiency, good reproducibility and features of easy operation. GX - 5076 anti-static tester: mainly be used to measure the electrical resistance in the footwear, in order to understand the antistatic performance. GX - 5064 safety shoes compression puncture tester: dedicated to detect static pressure resistance, durability of safety footwear performance testing instrument. GX - 5087 safety shoes electrical insulation testing machine: the machine is in the sole or insulation material can withstand voltage value, in order to understand the degree of resistance to voltage. Test method is applied voltage on the sole, and will slowly rising voltage to the specified value, check if it can in a certain period of time under the specified voltage. GX - 5032 safety shoes impact testing machine: the machine according to GB, ANSI, BS, EN, CSA standard research and development, in 100 or 200 - j j kinetic energy to impact test of the steel head of safety shoes, and then examine the subsidence extent, in order to understand safety quality satisfies GB21146 - the five sets of equipment 2007年,GB21147 - 2007年,GB21148 - 2007年,GB / T20991 - 2007 the current standard requirements.
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