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Importance to the development of suitcase industry detector's advice

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-14
Suitcase industry detector to attach importance to the development of recommendations to make bags detector has the further development in the industry, so to organize and implement case monitoring automation by further demonstration project of the construction of the network, so as to drive the formation of automated bag monitoring network system in our country, further expand the suitcase tester equipment market demand. Breakthrough luggage detector want then will have to pay attention to the following Suggestions: 1, promote the recombination of the manufacturer, to improve the competitiveness of the enterprises, and further accelerate the localization process of high-tech bag tester. The use of market regulation means, constantly promote each enterprise restructuring, gradually dispersed to change equipment investment, production technology is weak, low level repeated low status and market competitiveness, so as to realize the moderate scale and intensive production, forming a batch of backbone enterprises. For now have complete sets of advanced foreign technology, to encourage the key of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign technology, then joint venture production, so as to gradually realize the localization. 2, further strengthen the supervision and management bags tester, accelerate to establish and perfect the relevant laws and regulations. Set up and improve the system operating mechanism and the system of qualification accreditation of marketization, further eliminate operation brings the negative impact of market disruption. Timely perfect tester development planning and technical policies, clear its development direction, to guide and regulate the healthy development of the industry, to avoid enterprises blindly follow. 3, further increase the input in the area of scientific research. With each of the supporting policies of the country, industrialize bags tester and technology upgrading. At the same time to promote equipment research and production, encourage instrument manufacturers, related universities and research institutions to take many kinds of ways to carry out technical cooperation, and speed up the testing technology achievements transformation.
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